The One with New Music Singles

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am totally digging David Archuleta's new single "Crush". I have never watched a season of American Idol, I have never heard him sing before, so basically I don't really know anything about him except he's from Utah (what what) and he's Mormon (what what), AND there is a 12-acre corn maze in the shape of his face right here in Lehi... Yes, it says "Utah's Idol" in the corner and "Archuleta 4 President" at the top. Bwah hah hah. Anyways, despite all that weirdness, Chris played the song for me yesterday and I love love love it! You would never guess he's a 17-year-old goofy lookin' and awkward kid from the way his voice sounds.

Also, it's been quite a while since I've mentioned anything Twilight related. I'm trying to tone down my obsession... Hayley Williams from Paramore wrote a song called "Decode" and it totally and absolutely rocks. It's the official single for the Twilight movie soundtrack available November 4th. You can listen to it right on Stephenie Meyer's website.
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