The One with Art-Turned-Tattoo

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Recycled post #2 for the week. So sue me. (But don't really.)

We received an email the other morning from a woman who loved the new Craft Fair line so much that she got a tattoo of the sewing machine Richard designed for the line.

Here's her email:
"Hi American Crafts,

I LOVE your products SO much! When I saw "Craft Fair" I fell in love... so much so, that I just got a fabulous tattoo of your sewing machine from the Craft Fair minimarks rubons!!

My local scrapbook store has yet to receive your winter CHA lines, and I can't hardly wait to get my hands on it!! Hopefully they get it soon. I LOVE it, and those Thickers are to die for! What an amazing team and company you have - so talented!

Any who, just wanted to let you know that I love your products, and had to share your amazing sewing machine tattoo! I LOVE it!"

So here's Richard's drawing:

And here's the lady's tattoo:
Do I detect a part time job in the making for Richard?

This situation reminds me of my brother-in-law, who while on his mission, a lady liked him and was grateful for him so much that she got "Elder Evans" tattooed on her arm.
Paige Taylor Evans © // Quinn Creatives DESIGN