The One with the Chris & Paige Layout

Monday, March 16, 2009

This week's challenge at work was to use a product or two that we were not comfortable with. I immediately thought of pens. A very talented scrapper who is fiercely amazing with color, pens and journaling is Cheryl Manz. I was totally inspired by her when making this layout. First I combined 42 close-up pictures of me and Chris into one photo and printed it. Then I chose a background color of cardstock - this color green isn't my favorite, in fact you can say it makes me uncomfortable, but I decided to use it anyways. And I'm glad I did! Then I found a bunch of two-colored patterned papers and stitched them to the top and bottom edges. Instant pop of color! I added the title using a mixture of white Thickers. Next came journaling. Colored pens didn't show up so well on the green cardstock, so I chose a plain black Memory Marker instead. I guess I didn't really overcome my fear of colored pens. (Oh, but don't worry, our next project at work involves a plethora of colored Slick Writers, so I WILL get over my phobia.) I went around and around the photo giving a short summary of each picture. Then, in Cheryl Manz style, I filled in all of the holes with a white Ultimate Gel Pen. I stitched on a few buttons and then called it done.

This was last week's project: a card. Pretty simple, but I didn't have much time. The only cards I ever really send are Thank You cards, so that's what I made.
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