The One with Fame and Fortune (Minus the Fortune)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I happened upon some fun surprises last week!

I was looking on the at the Paris Hilton/CHA fiasco, and my blog is totally the 4th one on the bulleted list for additional places to see pictures:

"Chris and Paige have some great photos of Paris at CHA including close-ups of her jewelry and Hello Kitty necklace."

I had no idea! If you watch the video, at about 1:23 when the scene switches over, my head is in the middle. The camera zooms in at 1:45 right onto the back of my head. SEE! I WAS THAT CLOSE TO PARIS HILTON! At 2:00 it zooms right onto the back of Alisha's head.
Good times.

Next - Belinda left me a comment the other day that said: "I got myself a copy of this month's Scrapbooking Memories yesterday. It was great to flick through it and see you in there. Yay for you!!" I sort of knew what she was talking about, but wasn't 100% positive because it had been so long since I was first contacted by that magazine. When I got into work one morning last week I was greeted with a copy of this Australian scrapbooking magazine. Focus your eyes on the bottom right corner....
"Expert sketch, card and layout by Paige Evans of American Crafts" Ha! Expert. That's funny :) Move over Paris Hilton cuz Paige is in the house!

Then there's my face again on the Table of Contents under the "Celebrity Sketch."
Am I blushing? My face feels red...It's too much!
I turned to the feature and there I am once again along with the sketch I drew, a quote from me, and the layout and card I made from the sketch. Here's the layout and card by themselves:
Paige Taylor Evans © // Quinn Creatives DESIGN