The One with Sweet 16

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Attention! Attention! Today is my little sister's sweet sixteenth birthday!

I remember the day she was born. It was the day before my 8th birthday. She totally stole my thunder. But I still love her.
She looks like a fake baby doll resting in the arms of her five year older brother Eric.
I remember always thinking to myself,
"I wonder what she's going to LOOK like."Her face here is priceless. "Why am I in a bin?"
Allie was the queen of messes as a baby. Spilled milk, spilled cereal, spilled everything, lipstick all over her face, brownie batter all over her face, toilet paper strewn everywhere. Luckily she's not so messy anymore.
Life is so much better with an older brother...
From a tender age she began expressing her very own unique style. Apparently she has always been at one with nature.I think she wore this blue dress for a month straight.This is Allie holding Sneakers when he was a beanie baby sized puppy.
Melts my heart. One of our family's favorite pictures of little Allie.
This is Allie at my high school graduation. This is Allie after I gave her a makeover :)
Rockin' some bangs.Rockin' a beanie.
A photoshoot at Yuen Lui.Hanging out in Sundance with our cousin Leah.
Shopping with this girl is so fun. You never know what she's going to try on, you only know she'll look good in it.So here's to the best sister in the whole wide world. I know it's taken a long time to finally be friends that can hang out and do things together (blame Malm and Dald for the 8 year gap!), but it was totally worth the wait. Happy 16th birthday! Don't get in any car accidents! And don't date any dumb boys!
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