The One with If the Vet Says So, It Must Be True

Monday, July 13, 2009

I took my bunny rabbit Chandler to the vet today in hopes that he can be cured of his nasty bum problem so that I can give him to my little sister before I move. As much as I want to keep him and his cute little self, I think Allie will care for him and give him all the attention he needs better than I will be able to.

After the veterinarian assistant weighed him in (a whopping three pounds!) and asked me what the problem was (I turned Chandler over and showed her the problem...yucky!) she left the room. When she came back with the veterinarian, the veterinarian exclaimed, "You're right! He is the cutest rabbit I have ever seen!" I must say that I agree 100%, whole-heartedly and with every fiber of my being. Chandler IS the cutest bunny rabbit in the entire world.

As I was sitting there all by my lonesome, twiddling my thumbs waiting for the lab work to come back, I thought to myself, what should I do to pass the time? Take pictures so I can blog, duh!

Chandler's hair came like this. Well, I styled it into a mowhawk, but it's still unusually long on top. One of the many reasons he's oh-so cute.
We keep a fan blowing on him at all times in the summer to keep him cool which consequently make his little wisps of hair flail around in the wind.He's a rotund little bunny. So much more to love I say.He's a Netherland Dwarf bunny FYI. I got him at PetCo two summers ago. Very impulse purchase, but how can you resist this face? (Don't answer that if you're not an animal lover!)When he gets in full relaxation mode, he sticks his back legs out.I kinda secretly hope his bum problem doesn't get better so then I get to keep him :)
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