The One when USC Creamed San Jose State

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm no expert at football by any means, but I recognize a cremation slaughter when I see one: 56-3 was the final score for the USC/San Jose State game today. Niiiiice. We went over to Veronica & Brian's (and almost 1-year-old Mariah's) apartment to watch the game on their flat screen. Jenny & Chris and Erica & Blake (with their brand new baby Brooklyn) also came to join in the fun. Picture is blurred for their protection...or something...At the end of the first quarter when San Jose was winning 3-0, I was like, hold up, isn't USC supposed to be good??But then USC took charge and smoked San Jose. I lived in San Jose for ten years so I feel a little sympathetic I guess. Way to start off the season! I hope USC wins the Triwizard Tournament. I mean, the Stanley Cup. Wait. I mean, the National Championship. That's the one.
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