The One with Childhood Memories

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm a pretty nostalgic person. Perhaps that is one of the many reasons I love scrapbooking so much - I love memories. Awhile ago I was thinking about how funny it is that I'm back in California since I lived in California from when I was 3 months to 10 years old. Since living here, I've seen a few types of shrubbery that I recognize and haven't thought of in over a decade. In fact, as I was looking through old photos of my childhood in California days I found the exact shrubbery I'm thinking about - it's got weird fuzzy red things all over it:
Random, I know, but it triggered my nostalgia to the extreme. I started thinking about my old house, the house I "grew up" in, so I googled the address. Apparently the house was recently on the market because I found a YouTube video of it! I know this won't mean much to most, but here it is nonetheless, forever memorialized on my blog:

It's fun to see how some things have changed and how some things are still exactly the same. The tree in the front yard is ginormous now. Inside is the same kitchen (though it looks much different) where I once took out everything from everywhere and lined it all up:
That's the driveway...
...where there once stood a basketball hoop and tether ball post which one time I tossed the tether ball into the basket which caused the basketball stand to come crashing down (miraculously missing me and the car) because the post had rusted through.

That's the living room...
...where I had many-a sleepover and practiced piano with my "Sweaty-Betty" fingers.

That's the front porch where we took tons of photos and placed a plethora of carved pumpkins.
Basically, I'm so grateful for modern technology like YouTube and Google Earth which allows me to dive into my past and revisit old and fond memories.
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