The One with the Trip to Long Beach to See Sara Jayne Swim

Saturday, November 21, 2009

My cousin Sara Jayne is on the swim team for BYU and just so happened to be attending a meet in Long Beach this weekend. We couldn't pass up an opportunity to see her! Plus it's been fun to have our very first visitor stay in our guest bedroom - her husband (my cousin-in-law???) Tyler. Long time no see! So last night after I got home from work we headed out to the Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool. Only got lost once :)My Aunt Katy also flew in from Utah to watch SJ swim. Hi Aunt Katy!
Tyler and Aunt Katy indulging my picture taking obsession.
Chris and I were talking about these diving boards. We would jump off the normal diving boards on the sides that are cut off. We might even jump off that first level diving board. You'd have to pay us a lot to jump off that second platform. But you couldn't pay us enough to jump off that one at the top. I don't know how people do it in the first place, and then to do it in style with flips and twists?!...Crazy cool!
That's SJ in the BYU cap about to start her swim. Go Sara Jayne!
Action shot. SJ is in the middle of the picture.
After her swim (she did GREAT!) she came up to sit with us and watch.
Fun to see ya'll!
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