The One with Fall TV

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm a TV/movie junkie. The days are getting shorter and colder (woohoo!), I'm finding signs of Halloween and Christmas in stores already, and I've enjoyed half a loaf of pumpkin bread today. Fall is coming and with it brings a whole slew of television shows, new and old. On my list of nightly shows to watch:

Tuesdays from 8-9pm on FOX: GLEE
I'm a new convert to this show. I've only see the first half of season 1, but the entire first season comes out on DVD next week and I love it enough to add it to our collection. Rachel and Finn sing so well :)

Tuesdays from 9:30-10pm (I think? at least that's when the series premier is) on Fox: Running Wilde
I don't know a thing about the show's premise, but I do know that I'm a big Keri Russell fan so I'll give it a whirl.

Wednesdays from 8-9pm on the CW: America's Next Top Model
I've been watching this show since cycle 11 (cycle 15 starts as I'm blogging this) and it's simply a guilty pleasure show. I like the creativity of the photoshoots, how the models get all dolled up, the drama, all that jazz. And I love that most Saturdays on Oxygen they play entire cycles.

Thursdays from 8-8:30 on NBC: Community
I've only see a couple episodes, but they were pretty funny, and I probably won't be doing anything at 8pm on Thursday nights so on my couch I will be.

Thursdays from 8:30-9pm on NBC: Parks & Recreation
This show isn't my favorite by any means, but it's on inbetween shows I do like so I've come to sorta like it.

Thursdays from 9-9:30 on NBC: The Office
We've loved this show long time. Although, if Michael Scott really leaves, I'm begging that they cancel the show stat. Cuz everyone knows that once main characters leave, shows bomb. Examples: When Marissa got killed off on The OC. When Eric Forman left That 70s Show. When Lana and Lex left Smallville (how is that show STILL ON?) So. Yeah. This might be the last good season of The Office.

Thursdays from 9-10pm (so a slight overlap with The Office...) on FOX: Fringe
I heard a couple times that this show is like unto X-Files, and after watching a few episodes through Netflix, I can sorta see the similarities, buuuuuut, not-so-much. I'm not quite hooked on this show, I'll give it a few more episodes, and then I'll decide.

Fridays from 9-10pm (kiss of death!) on the CW: Supernatural
This show is definitely more like X-Files. Well. At least the first couple seasons were. Now it's more about angels and demons not aliens and monsters. But I'm still a fan and pumped for another season. I hear it's its last. Boo hoo.

My weeknights are full!
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