The One with Nothing

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I better blog or else people will think my absence means I had the baby. Whelp. I have not. And I have lost hope that anything I do to try to make him come will do anything but make me tired and cranky. Trying to stay positive and relish in my last few days (hours? weeks?) of freedom. Technically he's not even due 'til Friday so who am I to whine? I guess I just really had hope that if I set my mind to it and went on a few vigorous walks I'd be able to make him come today on 10.10.10. Yes, there are still lots of hours left today, but I hear first time labors take 12-18 hours or so. Anyways. He'll come eventually, that's a guarantee, and I just can't wait to meet him. I try and coax him out while he's moving and tell him it's a lot more fun outside the belly than in; there's a lot more room out here and I promise to be a fun mom :) Sigh. I'm going to go walk up and down some stairs now.
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