The One with Cricut Magazine Title Pages

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My favorite part about the new Cricut Magazine (besides the hundreds of pages of incredible projects!) is the title pages that Alisha Gordon puts together each and every issue.
It must take her hours and hours to pick each and every shape, place each and every shape in a circle, and then color each and every shape with a hip color combo!
So worth it to me though, each title page brings a big huge ginormous smile to my face :)
Way to go Alisha, you rock my socks.

The Cricut Magazine is still a brand new magazine, only two issues have hit the shelves, but a couple more are debuting soon and then it goes monthly and then the new Cricut Idea books start coming out monthly. Wicked cool!

The premier Feb/Mar issue:

The Apr/May issue which is in stores now:

The soon-to-be-published June/July issue:

And the soon-to-be-published new Cricut Idea Book Series: Birthdays book!
I'm definitely inspired by every project and want to use my Cricut more and more! Time to upgrade to an Expression??? My birthday IS next month...
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