The One with Fox at 14 Months

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Fox's golden month birthday! 14 months old on the 14th of the month!

Length: 32" (75-90%) 
Weight: 23.2 pounds (25-50%) 
Head circumference: 19.25" (90-95%) 

So he's a tall skinny boy with a big head. People always ask if he's two years old. Nope, only 14 months. (Mystified looks from said persons. I don't know where he gets his tallness or bigheadedness from! I'm sure he'll even out eventually.)

As soon as he woke up from his nap today we took his 14 month pictures... sleepy much?
Queue cats meowing and dogs barking (also known as parents making obnoxious noises to get their kid to smile) - hey, it works!

We love that Fox can walk. It makes him seem like such a little grown up to have him meandering all around the apartment and he goes wherever he wants to go. He's a little person! We're still boggled that we're parents and we are to Fox what our parents are to us, if that makes sense.

It's been pretty cold outside lately but when we do venture outdoors the first thing he does is find a pair of leaves. He's O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with leaves! Why must he walk with them? Hopefully he can tell us one day.

When he drinks his bottle he lifts his pinkie finger like a little gentleman. 

Fox has a built in radar that finds water of any kind - puddles, rivers, creeks, what have you. All he wants to do is splash and play in the water!

Fox does this new sad thing. TANTRUMS. When he doesn't get what he wants when he wants it he bangs his head on the ground or smacks his toys on his forehead repeatedly until we make him stop. The poor boy. Is this normal? His head is one big bruise :(
Not to mention he's always running into things. He needs whiskers like cats or something.

Fox gets his groove thang on now whenever music plays. He bounces up and down and bends his knees all cutely. I didn't even know knees could be cute! But Fox proves they definitely are.

Occasionally Fox walks backwards when he's being shy or cautious. It's the funniest thing to behold. He slowly, timidly, takes a step back. Then another step. Then another. Other times he spins in circles. He's learning how to use his feet in more ways than just forward motion.

Sleeping and eating habits are about the same from last month. He might be phasing out his morning nap. He goes a few days without one then takes it again for a few days. Afternoon naps are still in full swing though. Naps are good.

Fox can climb up and down from the couch! It's amazing that in just 14 short months he went from a helpless being to a full-fledged boy capable of so many things.

One thing is for sure - he's a handsome little boy!
Happy 14th on the 14th my little man!
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