The One with Valentine's Day 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's this year was very low key. We've never been very big on celebrating holidays/anniversaries. I really hope to change that! What's the next holiday... President's Day? St. Patrick's Day? Let's go all out! Chris miraculously had the day off and while I was getting ready he made me this ultra sexy card...
"You are the deoxygenated return venous blood flow from systemic circulation that enters my right atrium..." And then on the inside it says, "Without you my heart would be empty." What a catch!

I did some work and then made a batch of Valentine brownies.
I spy a little boy who is always by my side...

All chopped up and ready to go!

I met up with a bunch of other mommies/kids from our ward and we ate treats and let the munchkins run around. 
Yes, we're baby making machines :)

In just a few years Fox will be in school and I'll get to help him make his Valentines! I so live vicariously through my child.
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