The One with Pierced Ears

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

When I was 10 years old I kept my room clean for an entire year - my incentive was getting my ears pierced. At long last the year was up and we were in Utah for vacation visiting my cousins, Maren (then 7 years old) and Sara Jayne (6). We made our way to the Claire's at the ZCMI Center Mall (which was torn down in 2007 and is now City Creek Center, FYI.) I gripped my mother's arm as the needle pierced through my flesh, leaving a little gold stud. Then Maren got her ears pierced and then my mom got her 2nd earholes pierced - later which she would remove after President Hinckley's suggestion. Once we got back to Maren and Sara Jayne's, Sara Jayne was so sad that she didn't get her ears pierced that we turned around and marched right back to the mall to get her ears bejeweled too. We kept Claire's in business that day!

Oh how much fun I had once the wound had healed switching out my earrings every day! One of the best things about being a girl is accessorizing and earrings were muy importante. Over the years the styles of earrings changed - big hoops, small hoops, chandelier style, wood, acrylic flowers, feathers - you name it, I probably had a pair.

And then out of nowhere in 2007 my ears became allergic to anything but pure gold! How does that even happen? So basically I have an entire collection of earrings that I can't wear anymore and here they've hung for the past 5 years, all but forgotten.
Well, yesterday, after nearly 5 years of nothing in my ears, I decided to put little fake diamond studs (with real gold components) in. How feminine I feel! 
Are earrings not in style these days? I haven't been paying attention! But I'm going to start looking around because it'd be fun to once again take advantage of the holes in my ears. Maybe I'll get the courage to try a different, more outlandish pair tomorrow and see if I'm still allergic.
It's time to bring earrings back in style!
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