The One with "What Does the Fox Say?"

Thursday, December 5, 2013

When Chris showed me this video a few months ago, I thought it was cray cray. I've only watched it through once in its entirety, well, now twice because I watched it just now to put it here. 
Catchy tune. El-stupido lyrics my own Fox, nay (or should I say "neeeiiggghh (like a horse)"), even Jane, could write.

Having a son named Fox, of course many many many people sent me a link to this video and I assured them I'd seen it :) Once is enough though, haha. 

Apparently all the kids in Fox's class like to sing it to him. And that's okay, he likes it and thinks it's funny.

We went to a get-together with some friends the other weekend and there was a face painter so we requested she paint a fox on Fox. 

What does the Fox say?


  1. LOL!! That is hilarious!!! And it's an adult song?? At least from the video it doesn't look like it's for kids .... I loveeeeeeee that photo of fox!! He is ADORABLE!!!!!!!

  2. We have a cute kid! And his name is awesome! And so is that video!

  3. Okay, this whole time I've been wondering what the heck this whole "What Does the Fox Say" came from. I can't tell if this video is for real or not, ha. Very catchy but I'll probably never feel the need to watch it ever again ;)

  4. This video was on our top music countdown last week as #14. My husband and i were very confused. Apparently its a comedy duo from norway. This year's gangnam style?

  5. Yep...crazy for sure. And once is definitely enough! lol!

  6. Fox is ADORABLE!!!
    They are Norwegian - says it all (-; (there's always been a friendly fight going on between Swedes and Norwegians)

  7. Aww Fox is adorable! :) Every photo I see of him, I'm like "He's so cute!!!!"

  8. He is so stinkin' cute!! Love his fox face paint! :)

  9. Ha! I teach elementary art, and I hear it at least ten times a day... "What does Mrs. Fox say?!" But, I'm with Chris, I think the video is funny.


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