The One with "And I Quote" Part Six

Monday, June 16, 2014

I've done Part Un, Part Deux, Part Trois, Part Quatre, and Part Cinq of my favorite quotes found on Pinterest! So now it's time for Part Six! (six is still six in French, but it's pronounced "sees"). Sometimes I'm moved by these quotes, other times they are pretty to look at, and others make me laugh out loud.
(All original sources can be found on my QUOTES Pinterest Board.)

I love this quote on this wall color so much, we painted our walls this color!

Could this BE any more true?

Oh so sweet. That's how it felt when I met Chris :)
OMG so funny.

Clever pun!

Great graphic and mental reminder!
Yup, sometimes you just gotta suck it up and go!
Colorful, happy print!

I suffer from this a lot in my scrapbooking... I'll have an idea in my head and then it just doesn't come out how I envisioned it on paper... But, never give up!

Turn your frown upside down!
Lots of funny shirts in this quote roundup! Another winner.

Just cuz it's pretty. And true.

More flowers and loving the hand drawn sentiment.

I need to remember this.

Guilty as charged. All. The. Time.

These are WONDERFUL.

I want this in a die cut!

Great find! I need this!
What a cute way to say someone is good lookin'!

Too awesome to eat!

Yes. This.

Love all the travel quotes I come across as that's what we're trying to do all the time!

Isn't this great and motivational?

I say "someday" too much1

This is why we're going on a Scandinavian cruise next summer even though it's putting us in the poorhouse...

For some reason, I think this is the funniest and best phrase ever. Die hard Harry Potter fan here and not afraid to let the world know!

Another Harry Potter quote. Alan Rickman - aka Severus Snape. 

And because it feels like summer lately:
Time to start working on the next round of "AND I QUOTE!"


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