The One with the Vintage Pink Victorian Couch

Friday, September 19, 2014

If you remember (and I don't blame you if you don't - I can hardly remember what day it is, much less what other people did a week ago!) we went to the Nürnberg Flohmarkt and then later in the afternoon Jami sent me an invite to the Karl Heinz Trodel and Flohmarkt Facebook page where he regularly posts pictures of his antiques and then people can ask about the price, "hold" them, and ask him to bring items from his store in Schweinfurt (which, coincidentally is where our original orders were to - but that base is closing so they re-routed us to Grafenwöhr, and it's about 2 hours away) to his much closer store in Kulmain - just 20 minutes away. A few seconds after joining the page I scrolled down and saw this:
I've been to several flea markets and antique shops and have seen other Victorianesque couches like this fetching a price upwards of €1000. Waaaaaay outta this girl's price range.

 So when I left a comment under the photo inquiring about the price, I didn't get my hopes up in the slightest. An hour or so later when he replied and said it was €320 I started scheming ways to make this baby MINE! Thank you to everyone who purchased a scrapbook goodie box and clothes - it's because of you this post can be written :)

A side story I want to remember: When I showed Chris this couch I asked him, knowing what I wanted to hear, "What does this couch remind you of?" He replied "The Old Spaghetti Factory" and I wanted to marry him all over again! He totally gets me :) And it also reminds me of Marie Antoinette - I'm obsessed with her colorful Grand Trianon palace at Versailles!

A bunch of ladies in the ward decided to make a morning of it yesterday and carpool to the Karl Heinz antique shop in Kulmain. Here it is - typical, random, middle-of-nowhere house-turned store:

There she is!!! What a beaut, even upside down!
While Karl was unloading the coach I looked around the shop.
 So many lovely things! Oh how I wish we had gotten a cowbell when we were in Switzerland for our souvenir shelf! Hopefully we can go back.
 Painted chest - in love!
 Vintage typewriters.
 Knick knacks on a wine barrel. And I used to have that CD tower when I was a teenager, it's from IKEA. This one is holding a bunch of vintage cameras.
 Kid's toys. Jane found a car - hence the empty space on the bottom left corner.
 Another vintage painted chest - this one is original and from 1815 or so.
 I'll take the lot :)
Clocks. We have our hearts set on a Black Forest cuckoo clock sometime before we leave.
 Pink chairs to go with a pink couch?
 Guns. For display only!!
 These Christmas ornaments need to be in my home, stat!
But alas, I know without a shadow of a doubt they would not escape the hands of a pair of tyrants I know :)
 After looking around, I paid for the couch (he even reduced the price to €300!) and then it was time for pictures.

Karl graciously indulged my request to walk it across the parking lot and onto this grass for better photos. What a nice guy!
 Me and Jane on the couch - it's actually really comfy!
All loaded up and ready to go home!
 As I write this the couch is still in the garage. As soon as the kids go down for a nap we'll bring it inside and find where to put it.
And that's the story of the pink Marie Antoinette couch :)
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