The One with "Paige"

Sunday, January 11, 2015

True story: when I was a kid I HATED my name with a complete and total passion. Children would tease me and taunt me screaming, "Turn the page Paige!" all up in my face over and over and over again. Yeah. Not so much fun. And then pagers came out. Oh boy. "Why don't ya page me Paige!" That got old REAL fast...

Fast forward to this morning when I had an epiphany. How fitting is the name Paige for this hobby that I have grown to love and appreciate so much? (Scrapbooking, just in case ya didn't know ;) Layouts are also called pages. I make pages. Paige's pages! 

So. Long story short. 29 years later, I can finally say thanks mom and dad for naming me Paige. It's the perfect fit!
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