Jane's Broken Collar Bone

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Poor sweet Janey girl broke her collar bone on Thursday :( :( :( Here's what happened:

First of all, the kids like to roll down hills at the various parks in our neighborhood, exhibit A:
Probably not the safest activity in the world, and sadly we've had to learn a hard lesson.

On Thursday night after Chris got home from work I took the kids outside to play. It was a glorious, warm day - the warmest day probably since September of last year. No jackets required! Selfies ensued:

 These kids are cray cool.
 Jane's last pictures before the incident, only 20 minutes later.

We walked up to one park, it was too busy (when the sun comes out, so does the entire neighborhood! Soakin' up those rays!), so we walked down to the other park. I pushed them on the swings for awhile and then they took off up this hill - the same one in the video above. I thought more rolling was about to commence.

Jane was up at the very tippy top, ready to roll, when all of a sudden a bee flew by. It was one of those massive, huge, black, furry, bumble bees that I could see from a mile away. Jane is TERRIFIED of bees. She turned around and started RUNNING full speed down the hill. My heart went ice cold and all I could do was run towards her and hope and pray she didn't land on her head or neck because she honestly could have died. She was going so fast and picking up so much momentum. She crash landed at the bottom on her arm and immediately started bawling harder than I've ever heard her cry. Jane is a tough cookie with a high pain tolerance. It takes a lot to make her cry, so I knew this wasn't good.

I couldn't see any broken bones and she seemed to be okay with her arm wrapped in a makeshift sling, so we gave her some children's tylenol and decided to keep an eye on it then call the doctor in the morning if she was still hurting. She was. At 10am Friday morning I took her in to the doc, he pushed and pulled and prodded at her arms and requested some xrays. She was so good and strong and brave during the whole ordeal. The doc said he couldn't really see anything in the xrays so he was going to forward them on to the pediatric radiologist 3 hours away in Landstuhl and he hoped I wouldn't hear from him the rest of the day and Jane would be back to rolling down hills tomorrow. Yeah. No. A half hour later he called and said there might be a fracture and they don't have the right equipment and to head straight to the ER in Weiden. Jane was so upset when we told her the news and was so tired from a restless night, so she took a two hour nap and then Chris drove her to the hospital a half hour away. They looked at the xrays and you can clearly see: her collar bone is broken :( The first broken bone in our entire family.
 They said this is a common injury in small children and the only way to fix it is to immobilize her arm for two weeks and it should heal itself. Human bodies are amazing.

We made cupcakes and ate ice cream for dinner. Whatever Jane wants, Jane gets for the next 2 weeks.
Love you Jane, so sorry you have to go through this!
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