The One with 9/11 - 11 Years Later

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Photo from my sister-in-law's blog via here.
I still remember like it was yesterday. It's one of those moments that I'll never forget where I was and was I was doing: I was a junior in high school, driving to school after seminary listening to my favorite radio station - 107.7 the end. They were saying things about airplanes crashing into the towers and it just didn't make sense to me - how could that be possible? Who is that evil to come up with such a plan? We were all ushered into our homeroom instead of 2nd period to watch the events unfold on the television. Everyone was silent. It was too surreal and unbelievable. And then I had to go take a math test...

I remember not feeling safe, and that's a scary feeling. I just wanted to be with my family, in the comfort of my home. I wanted to wake up and have it all be a dream. The pieces are slowly but surely getting put back together. The NYC skyline is forever altered, but it's still just as beautiful as ever.
I'm remembering 9/11 today, 11 years later. 
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