The One with American Crafts July 2014 Layouts

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Seems like the past few months my American Crafts layouts are always created on the last day or so of the month - I pro"craft"inate :) Hey, as long as they get made right?!
 photo OhthePlacesYoullGobyPaigeEvans.jpg

DESCRIPTION: I love searching "quilts" on Pinterest and then translating the fabric designs into paper!

JOURNALING SAYS: (Starting at the yellow and going clockwise) Playing in the curtains at our hotel in Dresden. Blowing dandelions outside the cafeteria on base in Grafenwöehr. Throwing rocks into the Adriatic Sea in Korčula, Croatia. Precious and tender (and rare!) moments of hugs at home. Inside a cute little church in small-town Mattighofen, Austria. Inside an art museum in Munich. You guys loved it... No journaling for the Königssee photo because I could't figure out where to put it, but I would have said "Gliding on Königssee in Berchetsgaden, Germany."

HOW TO: Watercolor a rainbow across the top of a white cardstock layout base, blow it while it's still wet to make it drip down the page, then let it dry. Punch squares and make triangles from a rainbow of patterned papers then adhere them in a quilt-inspired pattern. Sew a circle around each "ring". Place a small square photo inside each ring. Add matching colored mini alphabet stickers to tell the location of each photo. Journal with a matching colored pen next to each ring then drop matching colored spray mist over/around the journaling. Use a rainbow of Thickers across the bottom edge of the layout to make the title. Sprinkle matching colored buttons and enamel dots on the rings.

SUPPLIES: Cardstock, letter stickers, pens, adhesive, square punch: American Crafts; Patterned paper: American Crafts, Crate Paper, Pebbles, Studio Calico; Buttons, mini alphabet stickers, enamel dots, spray mist, watercolors: Studio Calico; Sewing machine: Brother; Thread: Coats & Clark
 photo OhthePlacesYoullGoDetailbyPaigeEvans.jpg


 photo BMWWeltbyPaigeEvans-2.jpg

BMW WELT by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: Any way I can use a lot of patterned papers on a layout is A-OK with me! On this layout I punched circles and folded them into squares to make the design on the top half of the page.

JOURNALING SAYS: We had so much fun exploring the BMW Museum in Munchen!

HOW TO: Punch circles from the Open Road collection by Crate Paper and fold in the edges to make squares - adhere the squares across the top half of a ledger paper background. Tuck a photo under the bottom row of folded circles then make the title with the Open Road Thickers and mini alphabet stickers. Embellish the layout with chipboardstickers, and die cuts from the Open Road line as well as a few matching colored buttons. Journal next to the photo and stamp the date inside one of the circles. 

SUPPLIES: Pen, adhesive: American Crafts; Patterned paper, chipboard, Thickers, die cuts, stickers: Crate Paper; Buttons: Studio Calico; Circle punch: McGill; Date stamp: Pebbles; Ink: StazOn
 photo BMWWeldDetailbyPaigeEvans.jpg
Until next month! Which will be my last monthly postings because they're changing things up for the next Design Team term at American Crafts! Exciting stuff ahead!

The One with Jane at 2

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Little Miss Jane turned 2 yesterday!
I don't know her growth stats and when I looked at the "Jane at 18 Months" post I didn't even add them there, ha! She has her well-baby doctor appointment next week (blast those dreaded shots!) and we'll see if I remember to add them here :) But, she seems pretty average for height and head circumference and all that other good stuff when I compare her to other 2-year-olds at church.
After her morning nap I took her to the big open field at the entrance to our neighborhood for her two year photoshoot.
This girl is the definition of Terrible Twos. Tantrums galore. She is soooooo much harder than Fox was at this age! Or maybe I've forgotten. In any case, it's a good thing she's so darn cute! And we're going to leave a bigger gap (like 4-5 years) between her and our next offspring, if we choose to have more. We shall see. Only time will tell :)
Her vocabulary has grown leaps and bounds in the last 6 months. She can say whatever she needs to say to get what she needs. She can say a few full sentences. She's great at repeating. She sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star really well, and it's funny because that was Fox's first song too.
While Fox and Jane were napping I quickly decorated. I used the tassel garland my mom made me for Valentine's Day - it's pink, it works!
I covered the kitchen table with patterned papers and cardstock as a makeshift tablecloth.

I also used Valentine's-themed sprinkles for the cupcakes and dyed them pink (on accident - I was just trying to make funfetti cake and add sprinkles to the batter but they disintegrated and just turned the batter pink!).
After her nap I got Jane dressed in her birthday dress for a second round of photos :) The more the merrier!

She likes to take a sip of water (or anything really) and then spit it out all over me or the windows... Jaaaaaane...
While I was cleaning up the water mess she went into the kitchen and grabbed a fresh-out-of-the-oven cupcake and devoured it! I'm telling ya, you have to keep your eyes on this firecracker AT ALL TIMES! She is ALWAYS up to mischief and doing things she knows she's not supposed to do. Gotta love her.
I've tried to get her interested in dolls and barbies and princesses, but she prefers dinosaurs and cars and bugs - whatever Fox likes she likes! Whatever floats your boat Miss Jane!

She looooooooves to read! So we got her a bunch of new board books for her birthday. 

She has a couple of favorite movies that she asks to watch over and over and over - Rio and Mulan. So we also got her Rio 2 for her birthday in hopes to expand her horizons. 

Don't give her any kind of writing tool - she'll immediately run to the walls and draw on them. We've gone through many-a Magic Eraser cleaning off her masterpieces!

She's done with bottles. I know, she should have been finished with them a long time ago, but when she asks for one it's so hard to say no to! She also liked her milk warm which made it hard when we traveled and virtually none of the airbnb apartments we stayed at had microwaves. We had to get creative and run it under hot water in the sink or warm up in water on the stove. Such a pain. A week or so ago she complained that her bottle was too hot. Then it was too cold. Then it wasn't the right kind of milk. That's it. I am so done. And she hasn't had a bottle since. She asked for one over and over the next couple days, but slowly her requests have tapered off and she hasn't even asked for one today! Next hard step: taking away the pacifier. Man, that thing is ALWAYS in her mouth and her teeth are getting so crooked...
A new dental family moved into our ward and it turns out their daughter has the same exact birthday as Jane - 2 years old and all! So we had them and another dental family over for dinner. Here is the invitation I designed for the celebration:
We opened prezzies, ate chicken tacos, sang happy birthday, scarfed down cupcakes, the works.
6 adults and 10 kids - it was a party!
Jane and Tessa eating their cupcakes so daintily :)
Me and the birthday girl!
A typical day in the life of Jane:

6:00am - wake up
6:30am - breakfast, she likes frosted mini wheats, oatmeal, oatmeal squares, and a side of sugary cereal like lucky charms or cinnamon toast crunch
7:00am - play with (or rather, PESTER) Fox
8:30am - nap
10:00am - run errands with me
11:30am - lunch, she's pretty picky so it's always an adventure trying to think of something to feed her
12:00pm - some kind of activity like drawing (on paper!), playing outside, watching a show
2:00pm - nap
4:00pm - play with Fox
5:00pm - dinner
5:30pm - hang out with Dad and Fox
6:30pm - bath time
7:00pm - popcorn ritual
7:30pm - bed time
That's sweet'n'sassy Jane in a nutshell! 

Happy 2nd birthday Janey!

The One with Studio Calico SANDLOT Layouts!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The SANDLOT kits are now available at Studio Calico!

I had tons of fun making my layouts for this month - I made five layouts in under 24 hours! And four of the five were made with the help of my Silhouette Cameo - also known as my best (non-human) friend :) (PS - I copied and pasted this sentence from last month AND the month before last because it's true again this month!!!)
 photo YoureAwesomeampSweetbyPaigeEvans.jpg

DESCRIPTION: I had the opportunity to once again design cut files for Studio Calico this month! On this layout I used the large Star Cut File I designed as the focal element.
Then I turned the mini stars from the Sandlot Scrapbook Kit Stamps into a stars background cut file (See the mini stars by the castle? Those are the stars I used). 
Here's what that cut file looks like:
JOURNALING SAYS: Where oh where did you hear and who taught you how to do this? We certainly didn't teach you how to "die" and make these funny faces! Must be a boy thing :)

HOW TO: Place white cardstock on a sticky die cut machine mat then use Mister Huey's watercolors to paint a green/aqua/blue background onto it and let it dry. Die cut the mini stars from the Sandlot Scrapbook Kit Stamps from the painted cardstock then back it with the lined paper from the SANDLOT Main Scrapbook KitDie cut the Star Cut File by Paige Evans from white cardstock and adhere it to the center of the layout. Write journaling on the large journaling card from the Sandlot Printable by Hello Forever and tuck it under six mini photos layered on a 4x4 patterned paper from the JET Add On. Turn the "You're Awesome" from the Sandlot Card Add On Stamps into a cut file and die cut it from white cardstock, spray it with silver Mister Huey's mist, back it with the black/white striped patterned paper from the HERCULES Add On, then adhere it between the photos. Tuck Printable Labels by Hello Forever under the photos. Stamp the date on one of the labels using black ink. Stamp the mini stars from the Smalls Add On around the die cut stars using blue and green Color Theory Inks. Tuck a ticket and a printed transparency trimmed in half from the JET Add On under the journaling and under the top and bottom of the star then place and a sentiment from the Sandlot Printable by In a Creative Bubble under the photos. Tuck a piece of the gold foil stars vellum from the JET Add On under the right side. Add an ampersand paper clip from the HERCULES Add On to the right of the photos to complete the title. Scatter aqua plastic die cut stars from the SMALLS Add On, blue enamel dots from the JET Add On, and blue acrylic dots from the HERCULES Add On around the layout. Finish by stamping the trio of mini stars from the SMALLS Add On over the top left and bottom right corners of the photos. Whew! Seems like a lot of work but it really only took a couple hours!

SUPPLIES: Scrapbook kits: SANDLOT, HERCULES, JET, and SMALLS by Studio Calico; Cardstock, adhesive: American Crafts; Die cut machine: Silhouette Cameo by QuicKutz; Star Cut File: Paige Evans for Studio CalicoJournaling Card Printable: Hello Forever for Studio CalicoLabels: Hello Forever for Studio CalicoRound Sentiment Printable: In a Creative Bubble for Studio CalicoRoller date stamp: Kesi'Art; Ink: Color Theory (blues, greens), StazOn (black)


 photo FoxBeingFoxbyPaigeEvans.jpg
FOX BEING FOX by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: I LOVE the chipboard frames by Crate Paper in The JET Add On. They were sent to us a few months ago to hold onto until August kits so I've been planning this layout for awhile and wanted them to be the main focus.

JOURNALING SAYS: You are such a funny, awesome, handsome, smart, lovable, adventurous, energetic guy!

HOW TO: Layer the chipboard frames by Crate Paper in the JET Add On across a gray cardstock background. Stitch and staple over various parts of the frames to keep them in place, using a straight and zigzag stitch, then leave the ends long for whimsy. Place four black & white photos over the frames and stamp a little word (from the JET Add On stamps) next to each photo using black ink. Embellish with enamel dots, a badge, and the black alphabet stickers, all from the JET Add On. Journal on a of the tag found in the JET Add On and tuck it under one of the photos. Place a printed sentiment from the Sandlot Printable by In a Creative Bubble inside one of the upper frames. Drop black spray mist across the layout to finish.

SUPPLIES: Scrapbook kit: JET by Studio Calico; Cardstock, adhesive: American Crafts; .03 Black Precision Pen: American CraftsRound Sentiment Printable: In a Creative Bubble for Studio Calico; Spray mist: Mister Huey's by Studio Calico; Staples: Tiny Attacher by Tim Holtz


 photo CroatiabyPaigeEvans.jpg
CROATIA by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: Since we received our kits later in the month we only had to make one main kit layout instead of two. I was missing a bunch of the supplies so I busted out my Silhouette Cameo once again to create this layout and stretch the supplies even further! I love the Numbers/Symbols Cut Files by Hello Forever and made them the main focus of this page.

JOURNALING SAYS: There's something about water, everywhere we go you two always want to throw rocks into it!

HOW TO: Die cut the Numbers/Symbols Sandlot Cut Files by Hello Forever from white cardstock then back them with the colorful patterned paper in the SANDLOT Main Scrapbook Kit using foam dots. Punch three photos into 2" circles. Print the Sandlot Printable Labels by Hello Forever and trim them out. Figure out the placement of the numbers/symbols/photos in a 4 x 4 grid across a mint cardstock background. Layer the photos over printed labels, washi tape, and a tag. Layer a sentiment from the Sandlot Printable by Hello Forever and a round sentiment from the Sandlot Printable by In a Creative Bubble over, under, and around the photos. Place round metal-rimmed tags and wood veneer numbers by the photos. Adhere transparency letters on the bottom edge to make a title and journal next to it.


 photo LoveYoubyPaigeEvans-1.jpg
LOVE YOU by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: The Creative Team was challenged to scraplift a layout in the member gallery and I chose one by Allie Stewart! I love how she featured so many patterned papers and made an interesting and intricate background.

JOURNALING SAYS: Pretty and sweet Jane frolicking in her cute Sunday dress at church. Love you!

HOW TO: Use the dotted Heidi Swapp mask in the HERCULES Add On and white paint on a pink cardstock base, slightly off-center. Die cut concentric circles from most of the papers in the SANDLOT Main Scrapbook Kit and HERCULES Add On. Arrange the circle rings in a fun pattern and stitch most of them in place. Layer the silver doily from the HERCULES Add On, tags from the JET Add On, a Sandlot Printable Label by Hello Forever (with journaling on it), a round sentiment from the Sandlot Printable by LifeLovePaper, a black & white photo, a chipboard frame from the JET Add On, a pink plastic star from the SMALLS Add On, patterned paper tabs, and a ribbon bow from the SANDLOT Main Scrapbook Kit over the painted dots. Turn the "Love You" from the Sandlot Card Kit Stamps into a cut file, die cut it from white cardstock, and adhere it above the photo for the title. Stamp the date on the smaller tag.

SUPPLIES: Scrapbook kits: SANDLOTHERCULESJET, and SMALLS by Studio Calico; Cardstock, adhesive: American Crafts; .03 Black Precision Pen: American Crafts; Sewing machine: Brother; Thread: Coats & Clark; Roller date stamp: Kesi'ArtInk: StazOn; White paint: Modeling Paste by LiquitexDie cut machine: Silhouette Cameo by QuicKutz; Title die cut: Sandlot Card Kit Stamps; Round sentiment: LifeLovePaper for Studio Calico; Label: Hello Forever for Studio Calico


 photo FJbyPaigeEvans.jpg

F*J by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: I like to create layouts with the cut files I design and this month was no exception! I made a stars-themed background cut file for Studio Calico August kits:
JOURNALING SAYS: Oh my goodness it is so wonderful to watch you two grow up together and interact and be best friends! Love you so much!

HOW TO: Die cut the 8.5 x 11" Geometric Background from white cardstock then back it with the 4x4 papers in the JET Add On, the cards from the Sandlot Printable by LifeLovePaper, and the colorful cards from the Sandlot Printable by In a Creative Bubble. Punch tiny photos into 7/8" circles and adhere them in the center of most of the stars. Add transparency letters and an asterisk from the SANDLOT Main Scrapbook Kit to the empty spaces for the title. Embellish the edges with washi tape from the SANDLOT Main Scrapbook Kit and JET Add On, plastic star, badge, tickets, printed labels (one with journaling), star paper clip, and enamel dots from the JET Add On, another badge, this one from the SMALLS Add On, printed sentiment from the Sandlot Printable by Hello Forever, and printed triangles from the Sandlot Printable by LifeLovePaper. Trim the "loving" from the journaling card in the LifeLovePaper printable into a banner and adhere it on the top right embellishment cluster. Trim the "Good Times" from the Sandlot Printable by Hello Forever into an arrow and adhere it on the bottom left embellishment cluster to finish.

SUPPLIES: Scrapbook kits: SANDLOTJET, and SMALLS by Studio Calico03 Black Precision Pen: American CraftsDie cut machine: Silhouette Cameo by QuicKutzLabels: Hello Forever for Studio Calico; Sentiment printable: Hello Forever for Studio Calico; "Loving" printable: LifeLovePaper for Studio Calico; "Good Times" printable: Hello Forever for Studio Calico

September 27th - the date of the next reveal - will be here in the blink of an eye!

The One with Studio Calico SANDLOT Sneaks!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I got my Sandlot kits in the mail last Wednesday afternoon and by Thursday afternoon I had made 5 layouts - that's how amazing and inspiring these kits are!! And not everything was even included in my kits! At 12pm Eastern Time (12 hours after this post goes live) Studio Calico subscribers will have first dibs on all the new super awesome SANDLOT kits and add ons. So, to entice you to have a looksy at the kits, here are my sneaks!

YOU'RE AWESOME & SWEET - featuring the all of the August scrapbook kits: SANDLOT, JET, SMALLS, and HERCULES, as well as the Star cut file I designed exclusively for August Studio Calico kits. I also used the mini stars from the Sandlot Scrapbook Kit Stamps to make a star-patterned background cut file! More details later today when I share these in full.
 photo YoureAwesomeampSweetDetailbyPaigeEvans.jpg

FOX BEING FOX - using the chipboard frames from the JET scrapbook add on kit plus the Sandlot Printable by In a Creative Bubble and the Sandlot Printable Labels by Hello Forever.
 photo FoxBeingFoxDetailbyPaigeEvans.jpg

CROATIA - using the SANDLOT main kit only and the Sandlot Cut Files by Hello Forever.
 photo CroatiaDetailbyPaigeEvans.jpg

LOVE YOU - We were challenged to scraplift a layout from the gallery so this layout is a lift of one by Allie Stewart! Using all of the August scrapbook kits: SANDLOTJETSMALLS, and HERCULES.
 photo LoveYouDetailbyPaigeEvans-1.jpg

F*J - Once again using all of the August scrapbook kits: SANDLOTJETSMALLS, and HERCULES plus the Geometric Background cut file I designed exclusively for Studio Calico August kits!
 photo FJDetailbyPaigeEvans.jpg
The reveal goes down 12 hours from the time this post goes live! I'll be back then to share these layouts in full!

The One with Dinner in Vilseck

On Tuesday night we went to Vilseck for a baby shower dinner!

I'd never been to Vilseck before, even though it's only 20 minutes away.
I was pleasantly surprised with how über cute this town is!
I started eating healthier last week and exercising every morning (I feel like I say that every month and then I always fall off the bandwagon... hold me accountable!) so I ordered a salad and it was delicious.
This building was constructed in 1580 - whoa! All around the room were city crests. Amberg! Weiden! There was also Bamberg and Vilseck and Grafenwöhr - all of the places we call home and visit often.
Dinner was wonderful, it's always a good time with the ladies in our ward. 

Had to overshare this blue building with pink flowers because it's just so cute.
I hope we come back soon and walk up and down these colorful streets! And get a magnet for our board :)

The One with the Weiden Festival & Flea Market

Friday, July 25, 2014

Last Friday night we went with another couple to Weiden (the closest "big" city - about 25 minutes away with 42,000 people) for a festival! It was hoppin'!
Music, food, and people galore!
We wanted to find some place nice to sit down and eat, but everywhere was full! So we got some street  vendor food which was just as delicious I'm sure :)
We walked to the park and enjoyed our evening sans kids.
Super fun night in Bavaria! 

Then less than 12 hours later we were back in Weiden for a flea market!
I found these three painted hangers for 5 total! I LOVE painted ANYTHING! 
I wasn't going to ask how much this nightstand was because I was afraid of the answer. But it was only 5! Sold!

Again, I wasn't going to bother asking for the price of this vintage shelf. I was guessing they'd want 50+ and that's waaaay outta my price range. But then Jami asked and when they said 2 I threw my coin at them (cuz Germany has 2 coins instead of bills) and ran away before they could change their minds! Now it's hanging in our kitchen (the white walls could use a little yellow paint or somethin' eh?) and storing some flea market treasures and the hot cocoa mugs I got on our Polish Pottery Girls Trip last winter.
Yay for flea markets and killer deals!
Paige Taylor Evans © // Quinn Creatives DESIGN