The One with the My Writing Process Blog Tour

Monday, July 7, 2014

My friend Lyndsey Wells from The Stationery Place invited me to participate in the Writing Process Blog Tour! I'm always up for a fun little post so here we are! I met Lyndsey my last day working in house at American Crafts. She had just moved from Pasadena, CA - where we were moving to! Then she lived briefly in the same city Chris is from, and now she lives in Redmond, WA, where I'm from. It's really funny how are lives are the same, but just a little off on the timing! Someday we'll be neighbors, right? :)
So here's my writing process:

1) What am I working on? We just got back from a big trip to Paris so over the next few days I'll be editing photos from our adventure and then writing historical facts about the places we saw and all that we did. In addition to travel-themed posts I put up a lot of scrapbooking-related content. Scrapbooking is my favorite hobby and is a HUGE part of my life!

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? I think the sum of my blog is a little different because there are so many different parts. I would call it "Chris and Paige and Fox and Jane and everything between" because I post everyday life moments, big adventures, things I find interesting on the internet, and like I said, lots of scrapbooking!

3) Why do I write what I do? I have been keeping up this blog almost every day since 2008. I then print the posts into books through blog2print and it is so fun to look through our past adventures! I've stored recipes and memories so whenever I can't remember something I just google it and my post comes up! Gotta love the internet :)

4) How does your writing process work? Whatever comes to my mind I write! I used to get graded down for that in high school, but if you ask me it seems a lot of the popular books these days are all written as one thinks, straight out of their head, unedited thoughts! So I just write what I love and what keeps me happy and inspired!

Allison Litchfield of Note to Self - my dear sister! She's been living in China for the past 6 months and her posts are always droolworthy!

Tanya Taylor of His Little Lady - my dear sister-in-law! She is an expert blogger and has everything from hair tutorials, vlogs, pinterest inspiration, and more!

Check out those blogs next Monday for the next stop on the My Writing Process Blog Tour!


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