The One with Mt. Rainier

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The best thing about flying from Seattle to Salt Lake? Flying so close to Mt. Rainier. Spectacular views every time. I never tire of it.

The One with Saturday and a New Do

This morning I converted to the digital world and everything Google has to offer (if only they had Picasa for Macs, I'd be in heaven!). I've carried around a binder full of semi-important documents for years now, but I realized Google docs is so much better. I can access them from any computer and I won't waste paper reprinting everything. Plus, my new purse isn't big enough to hold a binder so I really didn't have a choice. I've also used the Franklin Covey binder system to record my appointments and such for the past three years. But that's also a waste of paper (and money), so bye bye Franklin Covey planner, hello Google Calendar. I spent the morning figuring it all out and uploading all of my documents. I'm stoked.

At 11am we went to the Shiba Inu dog breeder. Oh my goodness I want one now. But now is just not the right time. They are soooo cute. She had a little 7 week old puppy that I almost stole. Almost.

Allie and I ate lunch at Fat Burger. I added egg and cheese to my Baby Fat which made it taste oh so good. Then at 1pm I went to Rapunzel's and chopped my hair off to above my shoulder. Ahhhhh!I've been wanting to do something drastic to my hair for awhile now. The blond streak was that something for a few months, which I was going to get rid of today, but I like it again now that it's not so standoutish. The best part: I feel 10 pounds lighter.

Then we went to Seattle so Allie could get a(nother) tie-dyed shirt from Pike's Place.
It was so much more crowded at Pike's Place mid-Saturday afternoon than on Tuesday morning.
We also strolled around Pacific Place Mall and browsed through my favorite store - Anthropologie. It's always fun to see how their window displays have changed.There are always interesting people in big cities. Seattle is no exception if not one of the capitals of weirdies. I saw a man dressed as Santa sitting in a wheelchair so you could sit on his lap and take a picture. Any takers? Any? I didn't think so...
I love these round towers in Seattle. They're shown once or twice in the scary movie The Ring.On the drive back to Redmond I tried to get a picture of this cool modern house set on the hill. It's the bright green/wooden paneled house on the bottom right corner.

We ate dinner together as a family at Thai Ginger then went to a lovely wedding reception.

Tomorrow morning we're flying back to Salt Lake. I'm bittersweet. I love being home, but I miss my kitty :)

The One with Black Friday

Friday, November 28, 2008

I had no intentions of waking up early to go shopping, but when I checked my phone at 5:30am, I couldn't fall back asleep. I woke up Allie and asked if she wanted to go to Target with me. We quickly got ready and then my dad came down the hallway and said he was going too. Which is funny because my dad is the biggest anti-shopper in the entire world. We left around 6am and drove down Union Hill to Target. It was packed! The closest place we could find to park was around the back and we were lucky to find that spot! 

Another funny thing, this is a conversation I had with my dad while driving:
Dad: "What do people buy? What's the rush?"
Me: "Electronics. They have good deals on TVs and stuff and once they're out they're out."
Dad: "Why would you buy electronics at Target?"
And guess who bought a new TV for the cabin? Ha. 

I got some good deals on DVDs, that's the reason I wanted to go. Next we wanted to eat bagels at Mikie's, but it wasn't open until 7:30. So we drove to Half-Price Books on the off chance that it might be open. It was. And it was packed. I guess good deals will get anybody out of bed. Then we got some bagels to go. I always get an Everything bagel with cream cheese. Back at home, we rushed Malm and Chris to get ready so we could go to the factory stores at North Bend.
On the way there we drove through Snoqualmie and since Chris had never seen the falls before (except on the opening credits of Twin Peaks) we stopped real fast.

I've never been so close to a squirrel! They must be used to humans. 

I've recently become a fan of Twin Peaks, and a lot of it was filmed in North Bend, so I was excited to see the diner where so many scenes were filmed. 

The outlet mall stores were having great sales. The best part? Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory carmel apples. Our favorite is the Apple Pie Apple. 

Back at home, Malm left for work and we watched a new DVD - The Devil Wears Prada. It kept skipping so we went back down to Target and exchanged it for a new copy. Target was still busy as ever. Then we went to Redmond Towne Centre to get some candy at the Sweet Factory. We ate Papa Murphy's take and bake pizza for dinner and then watched 21. It was a fun Black Friday!

The One with Thanksgiving '08

Thursday, November 27, 2008

We started the day with a hike to Napeequa River. On the way to the trail head we saw this on the side of the road... No one was in the car, but we were all a little spooked after seeing something so macabre.

On a lighter note, we can't go too long without another one of these shots!
The first couple hundred feet of the hike were straight up to this beautiful lookout point.
The ground was frozen and at one point we crossed this rocky path which was covered with a light layer of frost.
We couldn't help but sing "Walking In A Winter Wonderland" as we passed through this frost covered meadow. Just call us the Von Trapp family.
A lot of trees have fallen this winter and they've had to be cut up so they won't block the trail. This tree has a pretty set of rings.
I don't know why beavers would go through all the effort to chew through trees for lumber when there are lots of fallen trees scattered throughout the forest. I think maybe to keep their teeth short.

Here we are trudging along.
Allie sneaking into our shot. Although she's the only one in focus so maybe it was supposed to be of her.
We're a couple of tree huggers, right Chris? :) But seriously, check out how HUGE this tree is.We had to cross Twin Lakes Creek but all the stepping stones were coated with ice. We scouted along the creek for a way to cross and the best we found was crawling hands and knees across a log. Yeah, we're hard core.
Finally we reached an unnamed creek that drains into the Napeequa. Here's Allie at the base of the waterfall.
Throughout the hike we stopped to take family pictures. These are the options for the Taylor/Evans 2008 Christmas card.
2)3)Back at the cabin, Malm slaved away making the best meal ever.Happy Thanksgiving 2008!

The One with Wednesday

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Every time I come home my sister and I have to play a Carol of the Bells duet on the piano. We're not perfect but hey, it's fun. This was our best take.

We had a relaxing morning then we went to Google for lunch. Panini sandwiches and a Tollhouse cookie for dessert, plus a Sobe drink and some Haribo gummy bears. Nice!
And then I did it. I saw Twilight.I actually liked it a lot better than I thought I would! Please excuse all my drama before about it, I'm kinda embarrassed now. On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 9. I thought Kristen Stewart was excellent and played the part perfectly. Robert Pattinson was a little strange and awkward, but I'm liking him more the more I think about it. I laughed, I almost cried, I enjoyed.
So let the Twilight obsession continue!

We packed up Thanksgiving dinner and drove 2 hours to Lake Wenatchee. I read Midnight Sun out loud in the car - it made the time go by really fast.Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
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