The One with Thanksgiving '08

Thursday, November 27, 2008

We started the day with a hike to Napeequa River. On the way to the trail head we saw this on the side of the road... No one was in the car, but we were all a little spooked after seeing something so macabre.

On a lighter note, we can't go too long without another one of these shots!
The first couple hundred feet of the hike were straight up to this beautiful lookout point.
The ground was frozen and at one point we crossed this rocky path which was covered with a light layer of frost.
We couldn't help but sing "Walking In A Winter Wonderland" as we passed through this frost covered meadow. Just call us the Von Trapp family.
A lot of trees have fallen this winter and they've had to be cut up so they won't block the trail. This tree has a pretty set of rings.
I don't know why beavers would go through all the effort to chew through trees for lumber when there are lots of fallen trees scattered throughout the forest. I think maybe to keep their teeth short.

Here we are trudging along.
Allie sneaking into our shot. Although she's the only one in focus so maybe it was supposed to be of her.
We're a couple of tree huggers, right Chris? :) But seriously, check out how HUGE this tree is.We had to cross Twin Lakes Creek but all the stepping stones were coated with ice. We scouted along the creek for a way to cross and the best we found was crawling hands and knees across a log. Yeah, we're hard core.
Finally we reached an unnamed creek that drains into the Napeequa. Here's Allie at the base of the waterfall.
Throughout the hike we stopped to take family pictures. These are the options for the Taylor/Evans 2008 Christmas card.
2)3)Back at the cabin, Malm slaved away making the best meal ever.Happy Thanksgiving 2008!

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  1. SO fun! What COOL pictures too. Love them. I choose...Option #1 for the Fam picture.


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