Shine Bright Layout by Phil Donahue

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Hi crafty friends! Phil Donahue back on Paige's blog today with a layout featuring her Heart Sunglasses Cut File and ALL the colors from Splendid to document some cute and goofy photos of my niece wearing a pair of huge sunglasses!

To start, I resized the Heart Sunglasses Cut File to fit three on a 12x12 layout then backed the stripes with a rainbow of colors. I used scraps from previous projects and many smaller patterns were from the 6x8 Paper Pad. The background border is the beautiful rainbow striped Paper 3 and over top I used a square of white cardstock. On top I added Distress Oxides to make a swatch of color behind each sunglass frame. I stenciled small hearts all around the page with modeling paste to create even more dimension on the page.

For embellishments, I added gold hearts from Epoxy Stickers and phrases from the 8-Page Sticker Book to accent the photos. I used tone-on-tone hearts from the Chipboard Stickers and sequins to embellish the sunglasses which made the layout really pop!

I hope you find some inspiration from this page! Thank you for stopping by!

SUPPLIES: Patterned papers, stickers, Thickers, die cuts, embellishments: SPLENDIDwhite cardstockwhite acrylic paintmodeling pasteDistress Oxidessequins; Cut file: Heart Sunglasses by Paige Evans

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Cards for Kindness with

Tuesday, August 30, 2022 has an amazing global initiative called CARDS FOR KINDNESS to get handmade cards to people in need!

Handmade cards take time and goodness knows we could all use more of that! So when you receive a handmade card in the mail, that means someone took the most precious thing we have, time, to create something just for you! It's such a great feeling. I love making, sending, and receiving handmade cards and I know others do too.

Here's How it Works:
1. You send your handmade cards in our needed-themes (blank inside - with no personal message) to  
2. They organize and distribute the cards to cancer foundations, hospitals, shelters, retirement homes, children's homes, and other organizations in need. (See the partner organizations here.) 
3. The cards are used by nurses, doctors, staff members, counselors, parents, and volunteers who add handwritten messages of encouragement and love before giving them to patients, children and other people in need.
To make this "GRATEFUL THANKFUL BLESSED" card, grab my exclusive Acrylic Stamp Set that coordinates with Garden Shoppe then stamp the main sentiment in the center of a smooth square white cardstock card base using black StazOn ink. Color in the open letters with colored pencils. Next, stamp all four of the leaves with the same black ink on smooth white cardstock then paint over them with Pastel Dreams and Tropicals watercolors. Once dry, splash white acrylic paint on top and let it dry. Fussy cut all the leaves out and glue them in a wreath around the sentiment to finish. 
To make this "IF FRIENDS WERE FLOWERS I'D PICK YOU" card, grab my new Acrylic Stamps from Garden Shoppe then stamp the main sentiment in the center of a smooth white cardstock card base using black StazOn ink. Stamp the remaining flowers and leaves in a frame around the sentiment. Use colored pencils to fill in all the shapes! Done and done!
To make this "THANKS" card, grab the exclusive stamp set and a rainbow of ink pads. Stamp the sentiment in the center  of a smooth white cardstock card base with a raspberry ink. Use the little butterfly stamps and a variety of colors of ink to make a custom background. Add a small piece of pink striped Washi Tape from my new Garden Shoppe collection under the sentiment to finish. Very easy to replicate quickly & easily!

I hope you are inspired to join in Cards for Kindness! Share your makes across social media with #CardsForKindness + #scrapbookcom.

Camping Layout by Noelle Culp

Hi crafty friends! Noelle Culp here today I am so excited to share this project using Paige's Splendid collection and Camping Cut File! Every other year my family travels out to Oregon to visit with family. We usually spend part of that time camping, which is really fun to all be together and cousins can play. This layout was so fun to make!

 I loved how the Camping Cut File includes stars in it which inspired me to make my own background.  I was going to use sparkly texture paste for the background, but when I went to use it I realized it was dried up! I then remembered I have the Foil Quill, so I foiled stars on a dark blue cardstock with Paige's Stars Background Cut File using silver foil. I also splashed a bit of silver paint around it as well. I backed the cut file with papers from Splendid. I adhered the cut file with foam squares to give it dimension and added my title with the mini foam Thickers. I added a little banner across the tent with a pennant from the Ephemera Die Cuts and added a bit of baker's twine to it.  Lastly, I added a sentiment from the Epoxy Stickers and stamped the date with the Roller Stamp.

I hope this layout has inspired you in some way today! Thanks for stopping by!

SUPPLIES: Patterned papers, stickers, Thickers, die cuts, roller stamp, embellishments: SPLENDIDwhite cardstock; Cut files: Camping and Stars Background by Paige Evans

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Life with Paige Layout by Missy Whidden

Monday, August 29, 2022

 Hey friends! Missy Whidden here with a new layout featuring Paige’s Splendid collection. I began this page with the Acrylic Stamps to create a watercolor background. I used the large flower stamp with Distress Oxides on thick white cardstock. I coated the cardstock with clear gesso first and after stamping the flowers, I used a brush and water to smudge some of the color around. I love the “left out in the rain” effect. The flowers run and blend but they’re still visible in areas. I also used a few Shimmerz sprays to add a bit more color in a few areas, but not enough to cover up the flower shapes. I cut strips from Paper 19 and created layers. I arranged my three black & white photos and then started embellishing with lots of flowers and stickers.

This stamping technique is a lot of fun. It still gives you the stamped image, but the water makes the edges blend and run. The key to this working so nicely is using the gesso first and then stamping with Distress Oxides. I used lots of flowers from the Cardstock StickersFloral Die Cuts, and Layered Bouquet Stickers. I used a few stickers from the 8-Page Sticker Book and I fussy cut a few blue leaf stems from patterned paper. I also tucked in a Chipboard Sticker and blue and yellow thread. So much fun dimension and texture!

I love these colors in the papers here. I always love a dark blue mixed with orange and pink. Here I layered in half of a pink label sticker from the 8-Page Sticker Book. I also used a piece for layering from a 2x2 Paper Pad. My favorite part here is the yellow Heart Paper Clip - those are addictive! I also used another Layered Bouquet Sticker here. I took it apart and just used the flower cluster from it. 

I continued the bright multi-colored theme and mixed and matched my title. I used the "LIFE" Epoxy Stickers and paired it with the colorful mini foam Thickers. I staggered the words to make it gel with the big leaf stem and the background flowers. I added my journaling under that using a black fine-tip Sharpie.

I love how colorful this turned out! It was a lot of fun to put together and I hope it inspired you in some way today. Don’t be afraid to create a fun messy background with Acrylic Stamps! It’s hard to make a mistake when it’s supposed to be messy in the first place LOL! Have a great day!

SUPPLIES: Patterned papers, stickers, Thickers, die cuts, heart paper clip, acrylic stamps, embellishments: SPLENDIDgessoDistress Oxides
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Tulsa to See Cartel

 The last weekend in August we flew to Tulsa to see our favorite band, Cartel!

From Wikipedia: Cartel is an American pop punk band from Conyers, Georgia that formed in 2003. The group was featured on the MTV television series Band in a Bubble in 2007 as part of an experiment where they were given 20 days to write and record a full album (Paige's add - IT'S AN AMAZING ALBUM! THEY ALL ARE!). The current members of the band include vocalist/bassist Will Pugh, lead guitarist Joseph Pepper, guitarist Nic Hudson, and drummer Kevin Sanders. 

Their last album was in 2013. Truth be told I didn't jump on the fan bandwagon until about 2016 when we were living in Germany, so 3 years even after they stopped making music. Still, with 5 entire albums, and every single song is amazing, I was hooked, and they quickly became my very favorite band. Imagine my excitement when they started releasing new songs again this year and going on tour! We bought tickets to the closest event - Tulsa, Oklahoma. Not exactly close, but so totally worth it to see CARTEL!!!

The last weekend in August arrived. We dropped Fox & Jane off at Nana & Papa's and headed to the airport. All smiles until we found out our plane was an hour delayed. Oh well, what can you do? We walked around the airport and read our books we brought until we boarded and made the short hour and 8 minute flight to Tulsa, Oklahoma!
Popcorn clouds!
Hello Tulsa! I've never been to Oklahoma so this was all new and fun!
Because our flight was an hour delayed and we skipped right over lunch, we were super hungry. We took a 10 minute uber from the airport to the hotel downtown, dropped off our bags, and scoured the internet and recommendations for places to eat.

First we walked into a place called Que Gusto but it was packed even at 3pm. Must be good but we didn't want to wait. So we walked a couple more blocks to a place called Mexicali and even in that parking lot there were more options like Coney Island. Or should we get pizza? What were we hungry for?! At this point, we were right there with yummy smells beckoning us so we went on in to Mexicali.
Chips, dip, and queso for the win!
I ordered green chili chicken and Chris got a chimichanga. Both were scrumptious! I'd go all the way back to Tulsa just for this meal again!
Top it all off with sopapillas drizzled with honey.
Oh. And then we met Cartel. At Mexicali. No big deal.
I take it back! It's a HUGE DEAL!! WHAT THE WHAT?!?! I CAN'T EVEN! AHHHH!! WE MET CARTEL!!!! I promise I don't stalk them, it was just meant to be. Here's the story: Look under the arms of those two guys on the right (that's Will and Nic, bee-tee-dubs) through the hole in the blue wall and you can see that's where we were sitting. As we were eating our sopapillas I looked through the hole and saw a guy's arm with a tattoo. So many people have tattoos, it's not a thing right? But silly me thought to myself, "What if it's Cartel cuz punk rock band people have tattoos right?!" not even believing it for a second that it could be true. I told Chris my unfounded suspicions and he said he'd check it out on his way to the bathroom. 5 seconds later he came back around the wall divider and said with the most serious and alarmed face I've ever seen on him, "It's them." And I said, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!". He was. Not even joking. I started freaking out! We HAVE to go say hi! Luckily Chris is always as calm as a cucumber so we checked our teeth (nothing but enamel, dentin, and pulp!) and rounded the corner. Chris introduced us and we told them we literally flew from Denver to see them! Dashboard Confessional who? :) Chris asked if they'd take a picture with me but one of the two ladies who was sitting at a nearby table must have overheard our conversation because she so generously offered to take our pic so Chris could be in it too! OMG OMG OMG!!! TOTALLY STARSTRUCK! HOW COULD THIS EVEN HAPPEN? I mean, I guess everyone eats! But imagine if our plane hadn't been delayed? What if we had stayed in that first restaurant or gone to one of the dozen other places we were thinking of going to? It was simply meant to be. It took me a loooong time to calm down after this. Total Cloud 9 moment. We met Cartel. And now we're besties :)
Okay so we went back to the hotel but before we even got there I had to stop and story the whole experience on instagram haha. Eventually it was time to get ready for the concert!
Off we go!
We walked right by Mexicali again and re-lived that awesome moment when we met Cartel :)
We arrived at the theater, picked up our tickets from willcall, and snapped a few pics.
Downtown Tulsa.
We made it! Let's see Cartel! Ahhh! I never thought I'd be able to see my favorite band play!
This is happening!
Me, so happy.
Our seats were off to the side, about 10 rows back. Not too shabby.
Oh. My. Goodness. They were soooooo good. Like, seriously, legit, amazing live performers.
So passionate!
They played 7 songs and just like that they headed off stage and we're left with amazing memories. Thank goodness for scrapping to get to remember all these moments over and over!
We were hoping they'd come out to the merch table or do a meet and greet but they didn't. That's okay, we met them at lunch :)
I saw the gal they gave their setlist to and asked first if I could buy it (she said no hahaha) then asked if I could take a picture of it.
We went up to the balcony to watch Dashboard Confessional and it was also a really good show! We left happy and so very glad we decided to do this whole trip!
The next morning our flight wasn't until later in the afternoon so we had some time to explore.
We found the unmarked center of the universe.
We walked back to the theater to take another picture under the Tulsa sign.
Across the street is a more colorful Tulsa sign but it's completely fenced in so you can't get any closer than this without getting into trouble :)
I'm all about colorful walls!
Sights from Tulsa. There were hardly any people anywhere, ever, it was kind of freaky!
We ate at Fat Guy's Burger Bar for lunch before catching an uber back to the airport and making our way back home to our kids and kitties.
Wow what a fun trip! We met Cartel! Awww! We saw them play live! And they were sooo good! I hope we get to see them again and have lunch together again ;)
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