Vegas August 2022

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

 In August 2022 I flew to Vegas to visit my sister and her new baby Zula! Every time I get to hang out with Allie, I love it. She's awesome.

Bye bye beautiful Denver!
Hello Vegas! Unlike the Denver airport which is nowhere near Denver, the Las Vegas airport is a stone's throw from The Strip, it's awesome and so handy! And just makes sense lol.
Very first thing we did was drop my niece Daisy off at Kindergarten. She's so cute and spunky.
Next: Donuts and specialty drinks from Fiiz. 
Next order of immediate business: snuggle Zula!
Hug the cat Mickey.
More snuggles with Zula. After working from dawn to dusk every day for weeks, it was sooooo nice to just RELAX with absolutely nothing to do.
It was hot, so Tate and the kids took a dip in their pool.
Allie was fulfilling Woven Girl orders and I stuck my feet in.
A few years ago the Litchfields got a pair of desert tortoises and every time we've visited since they've been hibernating. Not this time! I finally got to meet Dusty and Rocky and see their antics! So fun and funny!
Between dinner and bedtime we went to the gas station to get frozen treats.
Once Daisy and Jude went to sleep I nabbed Zula to myself and we watched episodes of Outlander.
The next morning Daisy came in to be with me bright and early :)
We went to JoAnn to get more fabric for Allie and I showed Daisy my stuff :)
Starting her young with the joy of scrapping!!
During quiet/nap time for Daisy & Jude we watched more Outlander and I snuggled more with Zula. The best.
I thought I was hard working but Allie puts me to shame! Not even when the baby is sleeping does she sleep as the old adage goes. Nope. Here she is working on custom Woven Girls and a new fall batch. She really is amazing!!
When I visited Allie back in February (we were supposed to go to a Justin Bieber concert but it was canceled the night before...) we went to a restaurant called Bottiglia's and it was sooo good that I've been dreaming about it ever since! Definitely had to go again! So we made reservations, got a babysitter for Daisy & Jude, and made our way back to Bottiglia's. It was just as good as I remember!
I don't know what it is about Vegas but it makes me want to shop! So the next afternoon Allie, Zula and I went down to The Strip.
Johnny Was (my favorite) and Psycho Bunny (Chris' favorite) next door to each other! Presh!
These rainbow steps were calling my name!
Me and my sis!
Fountains at the Wynn.
Inside the shops.
Back at the house we enjoyed more snuggles during Jude's nap.
Tate's yummy home cooked dinner.
Daisy making snacks (if only I could get Fox and Jane to be so independent lol) and icee's.
Last morning of snuggles before heading back to Colorado!
I always always always love my time with Allie and her cute family and hanging out in Las Vegas! Can't wait to go back again!

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