Embrace Life Layout

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Popping in today to share another page made with Fancy Free!
EMBRACE LIFE by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: I love those patterned tearaway strips on the bottoms of papers nowadays and try to use them on layouts instead of throwing them away. No scrap goes unused! Here I did a simple weaving technique to feature most of the tearaway strips in Fancy Free.

JOURNALING SAYS: We try to go somewhere new as often as we can - have to take advantage of our time living in Germany! This is in Nabburg.

HOW TO: Trim off the tearaway strips from the bottoms of the papers in Fancy Free and weave them together on the left side of the neon green ombre paper. Use glue sparingly so the tabs can lift and create dimension. Place a photo on the right side then embellish with phrases of different types: chipboard, acetate, die cuts, puffy stickers, etc. Journal on a tag and tuck it under the photo.

SUPPLIES: Patterned paper, die cuts, tags, chipboard, puffy stickers: Fancy Free by Paige Evans/Pink Paislee; Adhesive, pen: American Crafts


Do you save and use the tearaway paper strips?!

Live Inspired with Tracie Claiborne Podcast

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tracie Claiborne interviewed me earlier this week for her podcast LIVE INSPIRED! Click on the image below to be taken to her site and listen to all 36 minutes of me talkin' about scrapbooking, how I got started, where I'm going from here, how I fit it all in to my schedule, where I get inspiration, and lots more fun questions answered!

Pages from Paige's Pages 05

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Guten Tag! Today I'm sharing the 4 layouts that I created for Paige's Pages 05 at Big Picture Classes! The start-to-finish videos plus free cut files, tips, techniques, and more(!), can all be found on the class website, so take a look at the layouts here then head over to Paige's Pages 05 to watch and learn and be inspired!


Raise your hand if you have hoards of ribbon? Cuz I know I do and I rarely use it on layouts anymore! Time to change that :)


SNUGGLE UP by Paige Evans

I made these four layouts during the fall so I was in a "leaf" mood! The more the merrier in this case!



A different take on paper weaving! Instead of doing one big woven background I did a grid of them.


WANDERLUST by Paige Evans

It's all about the ombre using a cut file I made and a painting technique!


All of these layouts are available to learn how to make in start-to-finish videos at Paige's Pages 05 at Big Picture Classes! I'll share the layouts from Paige's Pages 06 soon and then Paige's Pages 07 (with custom products!!!) will be live in March!

Colorful & Happy Layout

Monday, January 25, 2016

A fun, new product in Fancy Free is the heart string art template! String art is a big thing in the crafting world right now so I wanted to tie it into scrapbooking as well.
COLORFUL & HAPPY by Paige Evans

DESCRIPTION: I wanted to feature the string art heart template without the jewel brads to show there are different ways the template can be used!

JOURNALING SAYS: Jane looked so cute in her halter dress and pretty headband and Fox was looking mighty dapper in his khaki shorts and sandals so what did I do? Asked them to pose for pictures of course! Thank you kids, love ya!

HOW TO: Place the string art template over a patterned paper and use a paper piercer to poke a hole through each circle; set the template aside, close by. Using white string and referring to the template often, backstitch around the heart and then follow the lines all across it to create the string art look. Once finished you can push the brads through to finish that look or leave it as is. Embellish with a pair of photos and clusters of ephemera. Journal inside a few sections of the heart. Drop white paint around the layout to finish.

SUPPLIES: String art heart template, patterned paper, die cuts, wood veneer, tags, puffy stickers, chipboard: Fancy Free by Paige Evans/Pink Paislee; Adhesive: American Crafts; Pencil: Bic; Paint: Americana


So excited to see how you use this product! I think it'd be fun to try and use multi-colored string instead of a solid color... hmmmm :)

Heidi Swapp MemoryPlanner

Sunday, January 24, 2016

I jumped on two bandwagons this past week! First, I can officially call myself a #plannergirl!

Second, I joined Periscope! You can search for me at Paige Taylor Evans - let's connect!

So first, the planner business! I've been so hesitant to join this phenomenon since I switched from Franklin Covey planners to Google calendar back in 2009. Such a game changer since I can do anything and keep track of everything on my phone/computer/laptop - it's the same EVERYWHERE!

 But... I also love the art of journaling, embellishing, and sharing memories...

 Enter the Heidi Swapp MemoryPlanner!

At CHA I was able to grab a gold polka dot planner and accessories and then in Utah I got the basics in.

 Over the last few days while the kids were at school I've been jotting down and filling up my new planner!

January and the start of February are, quite literally, in the books!

On the daily spaces I write down lists, things to do, things to remember, notes from the day, silly facts (like it was 4 degrees last Friday), and much more.

I've started adding letter stickers for more significant titles.

Sometimes I add big embellishments (like this stapled heart and my business card) first and then add writing later, or vice versa.

Wanna know something funny? I HATE my handwriting. It's terrible. And since I knew I'd be sharing my handwriting up close and personal in all these pictures and videos, I set about getting a new "font" if you will. I found a font I liked, printed out the alphabet, traced it and practiced for a few hours, then voila! My new handwriting was born :) But don't look too closely still lol.

January has been a busy month and February is going to give it a run for its money! But that's how I like it - I don't do well sitting around!

A couple weeks into documenting I remembered I had the new Ashley Goldberg list-making roller date stamp. Game changer!

So easy to stamp bullet lists, circles, squares, hearts, asterisks, and more, and they all look the same and uniform and it's all done in seconds!

Now that I'm caught up to the present, I think I'll go back in every night and jot things down, and when new plans are made I'll add them right in, and perhaps on Sundays I'll fill in major things like notes and quotes.

I don't have an instax camera (gasp I know!) but I just ordered the instax printer because I love how Heidi incorporates a photo here and there and I want to be like her :) It'll be here in a few weeks - Amazon won't ship it to our APO - whyyyyy? So I just ship things like this (it happens quite often... pens(???), ink, techy things....) to my mom and then she ships them on to me. THANKS MALM!

So my plan is to add a couple instax photos to really personalize my planner.

A lovely tag I made at CHA with a Heidi Swapp mask, new Minc ink, and pink/gold ombre foil. I've seen people add memorabilia and ephemera to their planners and I want to do the same! I should have saved my Disneyland ticket. Next time!

Such a fun, new, and worthwhile hobby!

Watch an 8 minute video as I flip through the pages of January and February 2016:

How do you feel about planners? Do you have one? What kind? Any tips for this newbie?

Trip to Utah

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Since I was already in the states, American Crafts planned for me to fly to Utah after CHA and work on some promotions for Pink Paislee and even start the next Paige Evans line!

I still have a lot of family in Utah so I stayed with my Taylor grandparents instead of a hotel. They moved just a block over from their old house into a nice place with a small yard (their other yard was too large and in charge!). The view of Timp from their living room is quite majestic.

My Grandpa's love of books never ceases! And I love all the colors.

But first, Target.
Oh how I miss having one of these close by! But, I got my fix, I'm good until next time.

Then I drove to the American Crafts headquarters in Lindon. It's a different building than from when I worked there back in 2008. Another beautiful view of Timpanogas!
My AMAZING team: Cassi, Vanessa, (me), Raquel, and Shalece. These girls are so incredibly talented! None of this would be possible without them.

AC's wall of accomplishments.

Ummmm hello HUGE work room! WOW!

After touring the office we sat down in a private office and got acquainted with one another and then delved right into the next line, due out in July!!

Shalece putting together my digital moodboard.

My dad flew all the way from Seattle to Utah to see me. It'd been almost 2 years since we last saw each other and I was soooo happy to see him again! He brought me this sweatshirt from Malm - it says "MULDER IT'S ME." X-Files joke. New sweatshirts are so comfy!

The next morning I went back to work to film promotional videos!

It's no wonder actors and actresses get paid so much! Filming is no joke!

We figured out that my good friend from AC, Nichole, lives just up the street from the Taylors! So one night after dinner I drove up and we chatted for a long time. I just realized I don't have a single picture of me and Nichole from this trip! Big time fail! But I did get a pic with her polar bear of a dog. He's so huge and cute.

The next day I met Raquel and Shalece in downtown Provo for a photoshoot. Loving this desk made of books at a little bookstore on Center Street.

How cute is this bakery's facade?!
We practically ordered one of everything and having to wait until pictures were taken to eat them was torture!
Then we found an antique store that is my new most favorite store in the whole wide world.
It's like Anthropologie, but better!

I wanted to take every single thing home with me!

I ended up with a spinner thing to hold roller date stamps and a business card holder.

Raquel took all of these photos inside Block 100 Antiques.

Except this one, this one's from my phone. Neeeeeeed it alllllll!

After the photoshoot we went back to the office, picked up Lindsay, went to lunch at Cafe Rio, came back and presented my line to Lindsay, got the approval to continue (yay!), then said goodbye to my team.
It was snowing that morning so my dad dropped me off and then picked me up. We went to the BYU Bookstore and chose a shirt for Chris and Zoe (my niece).
I spy the "Y"!
Saturday morning I went with my dad to the Provo Cemetery. One of, if not THE, biggest regret of my life is not flying back for Grandpa Ted's funeral in July 2014.
We had some trouble finding his grave and had quite literally "passed by here" because we were looking for WARNER instead of "PASO POR AQUI" (I passed by here). Thanks to my aunt and mom's directions, we found it. I miss you every day Grandpa Tedder the Gooder and Better!

After lunch we parted ways - Grandpa took my dad to the airport and I drove up to Sandy to visit my sister-in-law and her new baby Landon. Jay was still out of town. It was so nice to hold a little baby and talk about life as a new mom and see their magazine-worthy home! #babyhungry
Then I met up with the Bybees at City Creek mall!
Looking at the Salt Lake City Temple from the skyway bridge.

Oh it was just so fun to see Erica again! I miss the good ol' South Pasadena days!
Blake and their cute kiddos who are so grown up now I can't even handle it!
We ate dinner at Chick-fil-a, wandered around a bit, then said goodbye. Hopefully we'll see them again sooner than later!

Food. Let's rewind a bit and talk about that! One night my uncle David and two of his three kids came down and met us at Bam Bam's BBQ in Orem.

Beans, mac'n'cheese, and meat sandwiches for the win!

From top left to bottom right:
Cafe Rio salad. Dragonslayer and sweet potato fries. Soda machine with the most amazing Mug rootbeer with a shot of vanilla ever. 
BYU Creamery ice cream: cookies'n'cream. Dald made his famous chocolate chip cookies. Kicking myself that I said "no" when he asked if I wanted to take some home! J Dawgs.
Cafe Rio burrito (yes, I went there twice!). Taylor's homemade breakfast. Arby's.

After catching up with the Bybees I drove to Salt Lake and stayed at my aunt and uncle's house. We talked for awhile, ate a delicious chocolate chip coconut cookie, and then I settled down into the most comfortable bed I've ever stayed in! Early the next morning I flew back to Germany!

And that concludes my re-cap posts of CHA and Utah! Fun fun fun!
Paige Taylor Evans © // Quinn Creatives DESIGN