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Sunday, January 24, 2016

I jumped on two bandwagons this past week! First, I can officially call myself a #plannergirl!

Second, I joined Periscope! You can search for me at Paige Taylor Evans - let's connect!

So first, the planner business! I've been so hesitant to join this phenomenon since I switched from Franklin Covey planners to Google calendar back in 2009. Such a game changer since I can do anything and keep track of everything on my phone/computer/laptop - it's the same EVERYWHERE!

 But... I also love the art of journaling, embellishing, and sharing memories...

 Enter the Heidi Swapp MemoryPlanner!

At CHA I was able to grab a gold polka dot planner and accessories and then in Utah I got the basics in.

 Over the last few days while the kids were at school I've been jotting down and filling up my new planner!

January and the start of February are, quite literally, in the books!

On the daily spaces I write down lists, things to do, things to remember, notes from the day, silly facts (like it was 4 degrees last Friday), and much more.

I've started adding letter stickers for more significant titles.

Sometimes I add big embellishments (like this stapled heart and my business card) first and then add writing later, or vice versa.

Wanna know something funny? I HATE my handwriting. It's terrible. And since I knew I'd be sharing my handwriting up close and personal in all these pictures and videos, I set about getting a new "font" if you will. I found a font I liked, printed out the alphabet, traced it and practiced for a few hours, then voila! My new handwriting was born :) But don't look too closely still lol.

January has been a busy month and February is going to give it a run for its money! But that's how I like it - I don't do well sitting around!

A couple weeks into documenting I remembered I had the new Ashley Goldberg list-making roller date stamp. Game changer!

So easy to stamp bullet lists, circles, squares, hearts, asterisks, and more, and they all look the same and uniform and it's all done in seconds!

Now that I'm caught up to the present, I think I'll go back in every night and jot things down, and when new plans are made I'll add them right in, and perhaps on Sundays I'll fill in major things like notes and quotes.

I don't have an instax camera (gasp I know!) but I just ordered the instax printer because I love how Heidi incorporates a photo here and there and I want to be like her :) It'll be here in a few weeks - Amazon won't ship it to our APO - whyyyyy? So I just ship things like this (it happens quite often... pens(???), ink, techy things....) to my mom and then she ships them on to me. THANKS MALM!

So my plan is to add a couple instax photos to really personalize my planner.

A lovely tag I made at CHA with a Heidi Swapp mask, new Minc ink, and pink/gold ombre foil. I've seen people add memorabilia and ephemera to their planners and I want to do the same! I should have saved my Disneyland ticket. Next time!

Such a fun, new, and worthwhile hobby!

Watch an 8 minute video as I flip through the pages of January and February 2016:

How do you feel about planners? Do you have one? What kind? Any tips for this newbie?


  1. Ohhhhhh this looks amazing!! I am LOVING your planner!! I haven't joined in on the band wagon yet, I have a 'date' brain ... I remember numbers/dates/events like a crazy woman ... I have always been like that ... I have a hard time with planners just for that reason! LOL! I can already tell you everything I am doing for my Feb. weekends without looking at a calendar! LOL!! :)

  2. WOW!! Your planner looks amazing!! I bought a planner but haven't done anything yet with it. i am hoping to have some time soon to play!!

  3. Hi I have the same planner, first time I have ever used one and I am loving it...love ours and I will use some of your ideas! Cannot wait to continue to follow you and enjoy your blog!

  4. I love the photos and video about your planner! I also jumped on the planner bandwagon this year and picked up the Heidi Swapp personal memory planner. It's a smaller size than yours, which I was hoping would help me keep up with recording daily memories. After seeing yours and other people regular size planner, I kind of wish I went with that size instead :) Maybe I'll get the larger size next year. I love your idea of getting a new "font"! I want to improve my handwriting, too. I may have to practice your idea with a font that I like :)

  5. I love your new handwriting!! Such an inspiration that you just decided to change it and, then, DID!! Thanks for sharing your planner!!

  6. I am beyond impressed that you taught yourself a new font! LOL. I created my own font once! Just for my mom's Mother's Day album in 2009! I wrote it out, scanned it, and voila! New font! It's super fun, and since I crated it, I technically, can write out that font every time. I do hate my "normal" handwriting as well. :/ Do you feel like it takes you long to write now? That really is a great idea... writing it out. Maybe I should try that. I need to really slow down and concentrate if I want to change my handwriting. :p

    I need a new planner. Sigh. I've tried SOOO many now. I don't love any of them. :p Sigh. I think I want to try Simple Stories next... :p But this one looks great! SOOOO fun!


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