The One with the Twilight Movie

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's official - the Twilight movie is in theaters. My countdown has been removed and I need to think of something to fill that spot because my blog just feels a little empty now. I'm not going to see it this weekend, I'm going to wait until we go to Redmond for Thanksgiving...if even then...I know I'm probably going to get slammed for saying this stuff and I don't want to sound like a pessimist or be negative about the movie because I haven't seen it, but if you've read my posts about when I was consumed by the books you know how dear to my heart they are. The movie can not and should not be compared to the books. But I can't help it! I don't want to picture Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson in my head when I read them again. My other thoughts about the movie are (and I really shouldn't be so judgmental when I haven't even seen it) the first preview was awesome. I think I watched it 15 times in a row. I decked out my computer screen with shots of the movie and I was in la la land. Then a few more trailers came out and I had some doubts. I quote from an interview with Kristen published in EW sitting right here in front of me, ""I had some of the corniest lines I've ever had in this film," says the actress, who was keen to tone down some of the over-the-top declarations of "I will die for you!" love. "We were so awkward saying those lines."" She admits it! And it shows in the previews! If she doesn't believe what she's saying, how am I supposed to believe it? Again, just my opinion. Then there's the whole "James the bad vampire" thing. In the book, he comes around in the last quarter. In the movie previews, they make it seem like the whole plot is based around his quest for Bella. But I haven't seen the movie so maybe that story line isn't the biggest one. And last but not least of my pre-conceived thoughts, it wasn't filmed in Forks. Anyways, I'm waiting to hear what other people thought of it before I make any more rash decisions :) I still love the Twilight books!!!

In other news, my in-laws are flying in today. It's always fun to hang with the Evans'. We eat good food, play fun games and go to Costco once or twice. Or more.

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  1. See the movie... it won't make you love the books any less! Believe me, I've been a fan of Twilight the book before New Moon, Eclipse, et. al. even existed. There are certainly cornball moments, but the romance is sweet on screen!


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