The One with 8 Things

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eight shows I like to watch (Really? Only eight? Nope, not gonna do it):
- Supernatural
- The Office
- Smallville
- America's Next Top Model
- Friends
- That 70's Show
- What Not To Wear
- X-Files
- Full House
- Anything on HGTV
- Cash Cab
- Prison Break
- Heroes
- Lois and Clark
- The OC
- 24

Eight restaurants I like to eat at:
- Cafe Rio
- Mae Phim
- El Pollo Loco
- Burger's Supreme
- Red Robin
- Noodles & Co.
- Rumbi Island Grill
- Mikey's Brooklyn Bagels

Eight things that I've done today:
- Ate a bowl of cereal - Malt-O-Meal's Frosted Mini Spooners
- Designed some patterned paper
- Watched The Shining
- Fed the menagerie
- Cleaned my desk
- Had an early morning chat about New Moon with my dad
- Blog surfed
- Figured out how to change the speed of my windshield wipers

Eight things I am looking forward to (in chronological order):
- Working on the handmade gift for a coworker
- Watching The Quantum of Solace this Friday at a brand new theater with Annie and Nate, maybe followed by a challenging game or two of Cranium (you're going down!)
- The finale of ANTM cycle 11 next Wednesday - go Analeigh!
- Thanksgiving in WA
- Visiting the Shiba Inu breeder in Redmond
- Black Friday!
- Christmas in CO
- The return of LOST on 1.21.09

Eight things on my wish list (some are more realistic than others):
- A kitchen makeover provided by any HGTV show
- A new keyboard for my laptop cuz the "l" is broken
- A new Apple Mighty Mouse cuz my bird chewed through and broke the old one
- Bella's Engagement Ring from
- A lifetime supply of Apple Pie Apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, mmmm
- That I had all the time and energy in the world to cook at least two meals a day
- An entire wardrobe from Anthropologie
- "World Peace" :)

Eight people to tag:
- Annie
- Cami
- Erin
- Hailey
- Jen
- Kim
- Nichole
- Nicole


  1. Hey, you forgot Burgermaster. Remember the YW leader you had for a while where the default activity was to go get a shake at Burgermaster?

  2. Amen with Analeigh! She is my favorite!

  3. Is that me you tagged? I am always doubtful with all of us Jens in the world.


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