The One with Tuesday

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I love being home. I love airplanes (but I hate flying...). I love that I woke up in Provo, UT this morning and three hours later I was in Seattle, WA.

Today - Tuesday
We woke up at 4:15 am and packed the rest of our essentials. Then Chris' friend Art/Carlos drove us to the airport. We checked our bags, got through security, waited at the gate for a few minutes then boarded. Pretty uneventful. Just how I like it. On the plane I read Midnight Sun (again) and listened to random songs on my iPod. It was dark and cloudy the whole ride, but I was optimistic about the weather in Seattle because the pilot said there would be clear skies with a few clouds. I present clear skies with a few clouds:

We got our bags then my dad picked us up. He had to go to a wood store (my favorite!) but it wasn't open for an hour so we went to Westfield mall. No stores were open, but the mall doors were open so we went in. We were the only ones walking around, which felt really weird cuz we were in a mall, and Christmas music was playing really loud. It was strange, but I was in good company. I didn't know there was an H&M (my favorite practical clothing store) in WA, so I wanted to stick around until the mall opened. But we found out it didn't open until 10 so we left.

The wood store was awesome.

Then we went to Seattle to dink around until Mae Phim opened for lunch.We walked up and down and around and over and through Pike Place Market.
Mae Phim opened early and we were in-and-out before 11.
We all ordered the Mae Phim Special. Once we were at home we settled into what used to be my old but is now newly remodeled bedroom. We moved into this house in 1996 and from day one I wanted my dad to install a window so I could see the goings on downstairs. 12 years later he granted my wish and now he wishes he had done it years ago. I took a power nap and then I took Chris to my old high school to pick up Allie. We went inside so I could show Chris around, plus I haven't been back since I graduated in 2003 and I felt a little need for nostalgia. As we were walking down the hall, I noticed one of my old teachers, Mr. Monahan, was in his room. Coincidentally, Allie is taking a class from him right now so she dragged me in. He didn't remember my name, but he recognized my face. We chatted about what I was up to these days and then another one of my old teachers (not old in age, well, maybe he is, I have no idea, but I just mean he was my teacher, anyways), Mr. Clauson, came in and did a few double-takes. I told him he was my physics teacher 6 years ago, told him my name and what I was up to these days. So that was fun. And I can't believe they're still there. Go Eastlake Wolves.
We watched a couple episodes of Friends then we picked up some Yummy Teriyaki. After dinner, my mom and I went to a bridal shower of a dear family friend's daughter.What a fun day!

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