The One with Dressed Just to Scrapbook!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sometimes I dress my kids up just so I can take pictures of them to one day scrapbook. It happens :)
 I ordered Jane a mint bow from londy locks and it got here lightning fast! So here's little miss Jane sporting her new bow and halterdress from Old Navy.
 Meanwhile Fox is wearing some cute babyGAP khakis and shorts. And sandals. I get 99% of their clothes from babyGAP from the sale section with a 40% discount - rounds out to like $5 shirts! If you love something, just wait a couple weeks or months, it always goes on sale and they always have killer deals!
 This one is a little firecracker I tell ya. 
 Such a sassafras lass.
 "Moooooooooom! Are we done yet????"
 Yes children. For now :)


  1. Hehehe! I totally do this too!!

  2. sooo cute!!!! and Fox has funny faces!!! :)

  3. Tooooooo cute!!!! I do that too!!!! LOL!

  4. Totally adorable!! These will be super cute on future layouts!!

  5. Man! We need to have about 6 or 7 more of those things! They are so good looking!

  6. Cute photos, Paige! And Chris, you can carry (for 9mos) the next two or so. And yes, they are adorable and good looking.

  7. They are cute and we love GAP too!


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