The One with the Amberg Flea Market and Norbert's Antique Garage

Thursday, July 3, 2014

People 'round here have talked about "Norbert's" practically every weekend and finally a group of us decided to go there as well as hit up a flea market in Amberg last Saturday! Confession: this was my first flea market I actually went to on purpose! And it was FUN! We all met at Chrissy's house and it took about 45 minutes to drive to Amberg. The flea market was packed with hopeful sellers and buyers on the hunt for an amazing deal.
Here are some things that caught my eye.
Green desk and chair.
Chrissy bought this vintage key that doubles as a wine opener which she'll need like every day. (Kidding, Mormons don't drink :)
I got Fox a bottle ship and airplane for his colorful room. 
As well as another ornate frame for more magnets since we've almost filled our first one up! The stitching inside will have to go, sadly.
And I also got this wax Bayern hanging to always remember our time in Bavaria (Bayern is German for Bavaria. Don't ask me why it's not all the same! That's one of the things I just don't understand!)
Then we drove a couple blocks to Norbert's garage which was chalk full of antiques. I wanted this painted wardrobe from the 15th century soooo badly! And it was "only" 400 euros. But. Money doesn't grow on trees :)
There was a barn, another building, a smaller garage, and a basement filled to the brim with vintage things. This is a real, actual, Meissen plate for 180 euros. Just sitting in a damp and dark cellar! This needs to be on display SOMEWHERE!
Norbert also owns an actual antique store which we checked out.
A few of my favorite things.
Oh how CUTE these nightstands would be in Jane's room!
Apparently I have a thing for painted furniture because I wanted these badly too!
A huge map of Germany. Chris would love this.
Of everything I saw though, this is what my heart most desired. A thousand euro couch fit for a queen! It came with two chairs too (which you can see one in the 4-collage photo 4 pics above). Sigh. Maybe some day!
Can't wait until next time because yes, there will be a next time for sure!


  1. I love flea markets!!! Loving that key your friend got!!!!!

  2. So fun!!! We need to do this again so I can go ;) I want one of those painted cedar chests sooooo badly!!! *sigh* maybe someday, right?

  3. Lots of awesome things!! I really love that couch too! I've always wanted one...maybe one day when the kids are older and won't tear it up!! :)

  4. So crazy seeing places I actually know about. Just followed you on bloglovin :) Nice to see a fellow American Germany blogger.


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