The One with Jane at 2

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Little Miss Jane turned 2 yesterday!
I don't know her growth stats and when I looked at the "Jane at 18 Months" post I didn't even add them there, ha! She has her well-baby doctor appointment next week (blast those dreaded shots!) and we'll see if I remember to add them here :) But, she seems pretty average for height and head circumference and all that other good stuff when I compare her to other 2-year-olds at church.
After her morning nap I took her to the big open field at the entrance to our neighborhood for her two year photoshoot.
This girl is the definition of Terrible Twos. Tantrums galore. She is soooooo much harder than Fox was at this age! Or maybe I've forgotten. In any case, it's a good thing she's so darn cute! And we're going to leave a bigger gap (like 4-5 years) between her and our next offspring, if we choose to have more. We shall see. Only time will tell :)
Her vocabulary has grown leaps and bounds in the last 6 months. She can say whatever she needs to say to get what she needs. She can say a few full sentences. She's great at repeating. She sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star really well, and it's funny because that was Fox's first song too.
While Fox and Jane were napping I quickly decorated. I used the tassel garland my mom made me for Valentine's Day - it's pink, it works!
I covered the kitchen table with patterned papers and cardstock as a makeshift tablecloth.

I also used Valentine's-themed sprinkles for the cupcakes and dyed them pink (on accident - I was just trying to make funfetti cake and add sprinkles to the batter but they disintegrated and just turned the batter pink!).
After her nap I got Jane dressed in her birthday dress for a second round of photos :) The more the merrier!

She likes to take a sip of water (or anything really) and then spit it out all over me or the windows... Jaaaaaane...
While I was cleaning up the water mess she went into the kitchen and grabbed a fresh-out-of-the-oven cupcake and devoured it! I'm telling ya, you have to keep your eyes on this firecracker AT ALL TIMES! She is ALWAYS up to mischief and doing things she knows she's not supposed to do. Gotta love her.
I've tried to get her interested in dolls and barbies and princesses, but she prefers dinosaurs and cars and bugs - whatever Fox likes she likes! Whatever floats your boat Miss Jane!

She looooooooves to read! So we got her a bunch of new board books for her birthday. 

She has a couple of favorite movies that she asks to watch over and over and over - Rio and Mulan. So we also got her Rio 2 for her birthday in hopes to expand her horizons. 

Don't give her any kind of writing tool - she'll immediately run to the walls and draw on them. We've gone through many-a Magic Eraser cleaning off her masterpieces!

She's done with bottles. I know, she should have been finished with them a long time ago, but when she asks for one it's so hard to say no to! She also liked her milk warm which made it hard when we traveled and virtually none of the airbnb apartments we stayed at had microwaves. We had to get creative and run it under hot water in the sink or warm up in water on the stove. Such a pain. A week or so ago she complained that her bottle was too hot. Then it was too cold. Then it wasn't the right kind of milk. That's it. I am so done. And she hasn't had a bottle since. She asked for one over and over the next couple days, but slowly her requests have tapered off and she hasn't even asked for one today! Next hard step: taking away the pacifier. Man, that thing is ALWAYS in her mouth and her teeth are getting so crooked...
A new dental family moved into our ward and it turns out their daughter has the same exact birthday as Jane - 2 years old and all! So we had them and another dental family over for dinner. Here is the invitation I designed for the celebration:
We opened prezzies, ate chicken tacos, sang happy birthday, scarfed down cupcakes, the works.
6 adults and 10 kids - it was a party!
Jane and Tessa eating their cupcakes so daintily :)
Me and the birthday girl!
A typical day in the life of Jane:

6:00am - wake up
6:30am - breakfast, she likes frosted mini wheats, oatmeal, oatmeal squares, and a side of sugary cereal like lucky charms or cinnamon toast crunch
7:00am - play with (or rather, PESTER) Fox
8:30am - nap
10:00am - run errands with me
11:30am - lunch, she's pretty picky so it's always an adventure trying to think of something to feed her
12:00pm - some kind of activity like drawing (on paper!), playing outside, watching a show
2:00pm - nap
4:00pm - play with Fox
5:00pm - dinner
5:30pm - hang out with Dad and Fox
6:30pm - bath time
7:00pm - popcorn ritual
7:30pm - bed time
That's sweet'n'sassy Jane in a nutshell! 

Happy 2nd birthday Janey!


  1. Sweet'n'sassy is right! I sure do love her , though! Happy birthday, Jane!

  2. AUGH! I miss Jane! She is such a cute little dolly. And how FUN that she has a new friend! I love that you were able to use your tassel garland for decorations.

  3. FOX still naps? LUCKY DUCK!!!! Cant believe your girl is 2!!!!

  4. Woo! Happy 2nd birthday Jane!!! The cutest ;)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jane!!!! She is a CUTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Such cute birthday photos of Jane!! Looks like she had a great 2nd birthday!!

  7. she is so dang cute!!! I love her birthday dress! can't believe she's so big already.. time sure flies!!! happy birthday Jane!

  8. Seriously...she's a doll. I can't get over it! Looks like a fabulous birthday!!! (that invite is amazing...) I like you guys!!!

  9. Jane is so darn precious, Paige. Happy birthday sweet girl!

  10. this is the cutest post ever! happy birthday jane!!

  11. btw just added your moms shop to my baby registry, my nursery needs one!

  12. She's so cute! One tip that worked with my kids to get rid of the pacifier is we wrote a note to Santa saying they were a big boy/girl and to please take all the pacifiers then in the morning they awoke to find the pacifiers gone and a small stuffed animal replacing them to sleep with. It worked like a charm both times!!

  13. That last photo melts one's heart, doesn't it? Happy 2nd!


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