The One with Grandpa Ted's Funeral

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Yesterday was my grandpa's funeral. It just didn't work out for me to fly across the pond to Utah for the funeral and I was so totally and completely sad to miss it. My sister and her husband who have been living in China the past six months got home last weekend so they were able to go. My brother and his wife were miraculously in Utah that very weekend for a wedding. It was perfect timing for everyone - except me (pity party for one please!). My friend's daughter Mikey picked out this flower (it's purple - her favorite color!) and brought it to me earlier this week to say sorry for my grandpa's passing. What a sweetheart! It has brought me so much comfort and joy this week.
Thank goodness for technology. My mom was able to video chat with me and I got to watch the grave service. 
A relative took a bunch of pictures which I'm so thankful for. My mom is standing there with her aqua phone under the tent and that's me watching from the phone :)
 I'm guessing this is Grandpa's helmet and boots and dog tags from the Korean War.
 Pall-bearers: my dad, brother, Uncle Dave, and cousin James are carrying the left side of the casket.
 Then the American Legion performed the 21 Gun Salute.
 The flag over the casket was folded up.
 And then the folded flag was given to Grandma. My Grandpa John is in the back, middle, along with his son, my Uncle David on the right and his son, my cousin, Benji in the middle. My Aunt Cissy (Ted and Doris' middle daughter) is sitting next to Grandma.
 My sister Allie, glowing. She's so pretty :)
 My cousin James. His face says it all. 
 James' older brother, so also my cousin, John Jr. 
 John Jr's oldest daughter, Alli. 
 Grandma looking happy and sad.
 Love you so much Grandma Doris!

Even though I couldn't be there physically, I was able to design the funeral program so it felt like a part of me was there in a small way.
Still missing you Grandpa Ted!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Sending hugs to you and family!

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. It is hard when you cannot go to the funeral to get closure. It was really nice of your mother to video chat with you so you could be there. Big hugs to you and your family.

  3. So very sorry for your deep loss...glad that you were still able to be a part of it with your talent, technology and spirit. Hugs.

  4. Paige, I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandpa. My Grandma passed in February so I feel your pain. This is when technology is amazing! I'm so happy you were able to attend. Your Grandma is beautiful, as is your sister!

  5. I'm still feeling bad that I couldn't figure out a way for you to see or hear the actual funeral but I'm glad I was able to let you see the graveside service. It was a great mixture of happy and sad. Grandpa Ted was THE BEST. Thanks for the sweet tribute and thanks for doing such an awesome job on the program. By the way, the man sitting next to Grandma at the cemetery is her younger brother, Bobby. He and his wife, Ella, flew all the way from Florida to be with Grandma Doris.

  6. I know it definitely wasn't the same as being there, but I agree that technology can be a great thing in times like this. So glad you were still able to be a part of your grandfathers funeral, even though you couldn't travel, Paige. And I love that you added the Tedderisms to the program. So sweet!


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