The One with Dinner in Vilseck

Saturday, July 26, 2014

On Tuesday night we went to Vilseck for a baby shower dinner!

I'd never been to Vilseck before, even though it's only 20 minutes away.
I was pleasantly surprised with how über cute this town is!
I started eating healthier last week and exercising every morning (I feel like I say that every month and then I always fall off the bandwagon... hold me accountable!) so I ordered a salad and it was delicious.
This building was constructed in 1580 - whoa! All around the room were city crests. Amberg! Weiden! There was also Bamberg and Vilseck and Grafenwöhr - all of the places we call home and visit often.
Dinner was wonderful, it's always a good time with the ladies in our ward. 

Had to overshare this blue building with pink flowers because it's just so cute.
I hope we come back soon and walk up and down these colorful streets! And get a magnet for our board :)


  1. Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your travelogue posts. I started following your blog for the scrapbooking, but the photos of your travels in Europe are a good part of what's keeping me interested. Thanks!

  2. I second Margot's comment. I totally love your travel posts and can't wait till you come to us in Sweden and tell about it. :)

    Have a wonderful summer!

  3. Ah! I want to go get a picture like yours...perfect perspective! Seriously, love my little town. They do watchman tours -- you should do that! (I never have, even though I live here...). Oh, and thanks for putting up the picture with me smiling ;)


  4. what a cute town! i've lived in vilseck for two months and i've yet to go into the town, i always go to weiden! i really need to.


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