Teaching at Scrappies Recap

Saturday, May 27, 2017

I have absolutely loved teaching at Scrappies through the years! I'm so thankful to Sandra for organizing the events and for letting me come and teach so many times. Saturday May 13th was the final event, wahhhh!
I'm obviously a HUUUUGE fan of Steffi Ried - so much so that I asked her to be one of only three on my design team! When she said she was coming to my class I was sooooooo excited to meet her in real life! I pretty much stalked her all day :) Totally fangirling.
These pics are from Steffi's blog - on the left I'm teaching and on the right is Steffi's lovely version of one of the layouts.
After walking by Steffi's space a few times, I noticed she wasn't using any orange! Turns out she hates orange! Ha! I was like, you know what I'm gonna do now... I'm gonna give you an assignment to use ONLY orange! HA!
Steffi's beautiful layout:
Selfie with Steffi:
Only after I read Steffi's blog post recap about the same day did I realize WE'VE ALREADY MET! I feel like such a doofus! I even have a picture of us together on my blog post recap of teaching at Scrapbook Werkstatt a few years ago!
So. I feel lame. I have a terrible terrible memory. Anyway, I'm grateful to Steffi for coming, for being on my team, for still being so nice to me even when I acted like it was the first time ever meeting her, and such. She really is the sweetest and she even gave me a handmade mini album that I will forever cherish:
Back to the class recap! We made the same four layouts that I taught in Birmingham back in March.
Kerstin on the left and Mone on the right (below). Both amazing planner girls and I love this captured moment. Kerstin also came to my bookbinding class at Stephanie's a few weeks ago! And Mone flew from Berlin just to come to this class! I love these gals.
More Steffi stalking. I need that watercolor set!
My desk. I brought my Keukenhof mini album in case I had a few minutes to spare, which I did, just about 15 minutes in total, and that's when I figured out I could add white paint instead of vellum to tone down the backgrounds.
For lunch we walked back to Scrappies and shopped and ate.
I neeeeed these blue and pink albums.
Best pretzels ever!
Pick a pizza any pizza! All were delicious!
A cute layout sample - I love the cross stitched hearts.
Long live local scrapbook stores!
Aerial view of my space.
Tears welled up in my eyes as I was saying goodbye. Goodbyes suck. And there's going to be so many more of them over the coming weeks :(
I passed the lovely Nabburg on the way home, so majestically set up on the hill.
It was Saturday 4 of 5 in a row of teaching and it was awesome!
Oh, and, tomorrow is my birthday, just sayin' :) Which means today is my little sister's birthday! Happy birthday Allie!!

Thumbs Up Fringe Layout

Friday, May 26, 2017

I was trying to think of a new pair of layouts to teach for a class with Nikki Nimena last weekend since there were going to be repeat attendees so I scraplifted a layout I recently made for Scrapbook & Cards Today featuring fringe!
THUMBS UP by Paige Evans
JOURNALING SAYS: Hey cutest girl in the world! My sunshine on a cloudy day! You make me smile and laugh. Thanks for letting me take so many pictures of you all the time!
HOW TO: Cut a large heart from scratch paper or cardstock (it gets covered up so it doesn't matter what color). Trim 1 1/2" wide patterned paper strips (I made 9 strips) then fringe the edges with scissors. Place adhesive around the outer edge of the heart and then starting at the bottom, layer the fringed papers across the heart. Turn the heart over and trim the excess fringe. Adhere the fringed heart onto a patterned paper background. Create two clusters: on the right add a photo, die cuts, stickers, etc., and on the left side add journaling and a bunch of embellishments. Finish with heart trio stamping.
SUPPLIES: Patterned paper, die cuts, stickers (chipboard, paper, puffy, transparency), stamps: Oh My Heart by Paige Evans / Pink Paislee; Ink: StazOn; Fringe scissors, adhesive, pen: American Crafts
Would a process video for this be helpful? Or is it pretty self explanatory? :)

Blue Lagoon Mini Album

Thursday, May 25, 2017

My obsession with making mini albums continues! I purchased a whole bunch of 4x4 mini albums when they were on sale a couple YEARS ago... and they've been sittin' pretty on my shelf ever since! Just waiting to be used and loved.
After finishing up the Keukenhof Pocket Mini Album a couple days ago, I needed a new project and photos to scrap. I decided to make a mini album based around our pics from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland!
Then I wondered which collection to use. The photos aren't very colorful, in fact, they are mostly mint, black, and white. So I decided to try something I've never done before and make an entire monochromatic mini album, not using a specific collection, instead I went through box by box of my scrap stash and pulled out all the mint-colored things from papers and ribbon to washi tape and buttons to sequins and ink colors, and much more!
After trimming the photos down I placed them into pockets in pretty much chronological order and the album already felt like it was lookin' good! Just putting photos into pockets is "scrapbooking"! Then I worked on the cover. I love this really old set of Thickers with different shades of mint. The plan was to use my sewing machine to stitch them on but after scratching up the cover and the needle broke and literally flew into my eye... I tossed that idea and instead did some hand stitching. On the spine I used my We R Memory Keepers Typecast and typed "Blue Lagoon Iceland" onto ledger paper, trimmed it down, and inserted it into the bookplate. Once the album was completely finished I wrapped ribbon, baker's twine, and yarn around the spine and tied on two mint tassels.

On the inside cover I adhered a chipboard wave from the brand new Summer Lights collection by Pink Paislee between the stitched lines.
What's a project without stitching?! Ha! I trimmed a piece of transparency to the same size as the page protectors, punched holes in the sides, then hand stitched the country of Iceland in aqua thread. I placed a small heart sticker where the Blue Lagoon is. Next came a sequin & glitter pocket: I poured a few blue sequins and glitter into the bottom, stitched 1/3 of the way across, added more sequins & glitter, stitched 2/3 of the way across, added even more sequins & glitter, then sewed the top shut. Being the glitter phobe that I am, I'm proud of this little pocket page haha.
I also really love backing die cuts with patterned paper! Since I spent a long time searching through all of my 6x6 patterned paper pads pulling mint papers, I figured I'd better use them! I die cut the self made "Blue Lagoon" outline three times from white textured cardstock, used spray adhesive to attach them all together, backed the open letters with patterned paper, then die cut a solid "Blue Lagoon" from white cardstock to back the entire piece so it has a clean back side.
Then we get to the photos! On all of the 4x4 photo pockets I wrapped washi tape around the right edge - I love the color this adds, though I don't know if "color" is the right word since I only used tints, tones, and shades of a single color ;) I copied text from the blog post recap, printed it out, and trimmed it into strips before adhering it directly onto the "white space" of the photo.
The next photo page is a picture of the rain-soaked window and a phrase we kept repeating throughout our time in Iceland haha. In the 4 pocket page I added two photos and the other two are filled with buttons - to help them stay in the pocket I machine stitched along the top edges.
The buttons are visible on the front and back and I added two more photos to the other pockets. On the right spread, another 4 pocket page, I trimmed four pieces of cardstock, sprayed them with adhesive, then layered bits of textured ribbon across them. A fun filler page!
The backsides of the ribbon-covered cardstock are seen on the left side and then I topped them with stickers. On the right page, another 4 pocket page, I typed and printed journaling onto vellum - the vellum reminds me of the fog/steam at the surface of the water. And I added another pair of small photos.
On the left side I backed the photos with pieces of baker's twine and yarn then stitched down the sides so they'll stay in place forever. On the right spread I used a 4" square photo (which means more washi tape on the right edge!), then added a wave die cut and a jumble of messy string with a mini clothespin.
The left side is a big picture of me in the water along with "most favorite" puffy stickers from my Fancy Free collection. Look carefully and you'll see I dotted the "i" with a sequin. The right 4 pocket page is 4 small photos, done and done, clean and simple.
I trimmed a piece of white cardstock to 4" square, stamped the flower from the Oh My Heart acrylic stamp set all over it using 5 different colors of aqua/blue ink, then trimmed it into 2" squares to fit the pockets. Also clean and simple! The right pocket holds a 4" square photo and then on top of the sleeve I added a puffy frame sticker with typed and printed journaling on vellum trimmed into strips.
On the left side I made another filler page by stitching mint embellishments down the center and mirrored that down the right edge of the right photo page. Directly on the photo I stamped journaling lines and hand wrote journaling all about that smoothie.
I added glitter chipboard dots to the top of the large photo mimicing rain. On the right 4 pocket page I saved our receipt and trimmed two 2" squares from it for two of the pockets then added photos to the other pockets. I stitched "love" to the center.
The left side is a couple more photos, a bit more journaling, and a puffy butterfly sticker with "antennae" made from pins from my stash. On the right photo I made "rain" with modeling paste and a stencil across the top edge and slid on a flag paper clip to the bottom right side.
The last page is a family photo and a few sentiment stickers on the bottom left, the date stamped below, and another flower stamped on the top right corner with a sequin in the middle of the flower.
All-in-all this album only took a single afternoon to complete! This format of mini album with pockets lends itself to quick scrapping - you just need to embellish which you can keep to a minimum or take it to the next level, whatever suits your style!
Also, gathering the supplies beforehand and limiting myself to only using a single color helped streamline the process and made it come together quickly!
As I type this my photo order of Cinque Terre pics is about to arrive so I'm gonna go prep the pages for that mini! 
Can't stop, won't stop making minis!

Ebern Scrappt Recap

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

My fifth and final (or maybe not? you never know!) time teaching at Ebern was so fun!

From 10am-4pm we made four layouts and ate yummy food and shopped!
 Dad - can you make me one of these wooden glue holders?! So cool!
 Scrapping away!

A super cute visitor! She loves pink almost as much as me :)
I brought my new Stitch Happy sewing machine by We R Memory Keepers so everyone could try it out!
 Taking turns using the Stitch Happy - worth the wait!
It was also interNational Scrapbook Day and there's nowhere else I'd rather be and nothing else I'd rather be doing than teaching scrapbooking on this fun annual holiday!
I have loved getting to know these girls and seeing their beautiful faces over the years!

We made 4 layouts that I've taught in previous workshops which you can find on my page about past events: http://www.paigetaylorevans.com/p/past-workshops.html
I really really hope to back some day! A huge thank you to Lena for inviting me to teach often and organizing these crops!
Paige Taylor Evans © // Quinn Creatives DESIGN