March 2024 Highlights

Monday, April 1, 2024

Here's what we were up to throughout March 2024!
I let Jane skip school for a special reason and we went out to lunch at Kneaders and Target to celebrate!
Jane keeps getting 100% on her math tests, we're so proud of her!
It snowed. A LOT. Like, the most I've ever seen here.
It snowed so much Chris couldn't get to work and the kids got 2 bonus Spring Break days.
It melted in just a few days though, Colorado is crazy like that.
It warmed up again so quickly during Spring Break that we went on a walk and got too hot!
We didn't go anywhere for Spring Break but we did go to Einstein Bagels three times :)
And Raising Cane's for lunch.
Lazy River at the rec center pool.
Got my hair highlighted and she always does a great job of curling it, I wish I could style it like this!
I went to a design meeting to create a vanity, but I dunno if it's gonna happen. Pre-fab might be the best option.
We went to a ramen noodle place for dinner one night as a family, it was yummy!
Easter morning, opening up their eggs after the hunt.
Jane likes blue Frosties, blue sour patch kids, and blue airheads. She's a silly girl.
We enjoyed Easter dinner at Tom & Margi's along with Jay & Haylie and their three kiddos.
One of Fox's friends was struck and killed on his way to school by a van going full speed at 50 mph - the driver ran a red light claiming the sun was in his eyes. The sadness is unbearable. There was a memorial ride in his honor and now I walk Jane to and from school and make Fox be extra super duper careful on his scooter. We tell the kids to assume that cars won't stop. 
We almost got this puppy from my cousin. We made plans to drive to Utah and everything. But the night before I just didn't feel right about it, we have so many travel plans coming up this summer, so we had to let her go to a different home. Maybe the next litter!
Did I already mention that I watch golf now because of the Full Swing docu-series on Netflix? Orange pants on Sunday must mean Rickie Fowler is playing!
Scottie Scheffler though. He can't be beat!
We saw two movies in the theater in March: Imaginary (it was alright) and Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire which was also alright.
This made me giggle. If you know, you know.
Onto the best part of every month, our kitty cats, Amy + Sandy!
I let them check out the snow for a second. I think they were confused lol.
Sandy is so funny. She's just a hot mess.
She comes when she's called, plays fetch, and sometimes meows on command. She's a cat dog.
Sandy loves playing in laundry, even when it's not warm anymore.
Amy is such a snuggler.
I love our cuddle sessions and how she likes to feel important by sitting on my projects.

They're both always around and up in my business and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Can't forget about Phoebe! Our Easter bun :) She's going to be 7 this year!
Onto the scrappy recap for March!
I shared 13 of my own projects throughout March - 9 from classes and 4 for my new Make With Me Monday live YouTube series! Tap the links to see each project more in depth.
I did Make With Me Monday every Monday in March! Join me LIVE every Monday at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern Time on my YouTube channel and learn how to make a layout in my new series called Make With Me Monday! My plan for 2024 is to base the layout on a sketch! Each live broadcast lasts around an hour, is free to watch, anyone in the world can join in the fun, and the videos are saved in this playlist so if you can't join the live you can watch it later and/or watch it again! I post the YouTube link and supplies to have on hand the Saturday before. Here are the 4 pages we made in March:
My absolute favorite part of Make With Me Monday is seeing what you all make based on the sketch and tutorial! I downloaded all of the pages based on the Squares Grid Background Layout and made a collage:
Then I downloaded all of the pages based on the Patterned Paper Panels Layout and made a collage:
And I downloaded all the page based on the Paper Pentagons Circle Layout and made a collage! If I had all the time in the world I would make a collage for every challenge, but as it stands I need 5 of me to do all the tasks that I have on my multiple to-do lists lol.
I released my March classes made with the Main Character Energy collection by Shimelle including a Castle-Shaped Mini Album and four 12x12 Layouts!
Tricks & Treats Weekend registration opened! The event sold out but you can join the waitlist by emailing me.
Notice all the sneaks for Tricks & Treats :)
I announced my Cut File Design Team for the next term, these folks are all so talented! Look for projects made by them right here on this blog over the next 6 months.
I scrapped more than I've ever scrapped before in March. I'm in my scrapbooking era and have basically been there since I was 16 ;) I made the 4 layouts and mini album for the Crafty Beach Bash in Conroe, Texas. Purchase the Concentric Heart-Shaped Mini Album Class PDF HERE and the 4 Poppy & Pear Layouts Class PDF HERE.
Then I made all the projects for the Crop in Orlando including 6 layouts and a traveler's notebook. There are still spots available to join the in-person event and you can find all the information HERE.
Then I made all the projects for the Cruise & Crop including 8 layouts, a round mini album, and full 6x8 scrapbook! There are still spots available to join the cruise and you can find all the information HERE.
Not to mention all the prep and pages from Make With Me Monday! Found this die cut of Rachel as I was using my older Bungalow Lane collection. I miss her so much.
Speaking of die cuts, I grabbed all the floral die cuts from all my collections! Fun to see them all together like this.
The first of three huge and heavy boxes of sequin albums from Gi DeMello arrived from Brazil!
Slowly but surely I'm using all the contents of these bins in kits & classes! It's always refreshing to empty it out and then quickly fill it up again. Can't stop, won't stop scrapbooking!
A fun and colorful nook in my happy place.
Here's to a lovely April with lots of showers to bring lots of May flowers!

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