Crafty Beach Bash Recap

Thursday, April 25, 2024

The third weekend in April I flew to Houston, Texas then drove to Conroe to teach alongside the one and only Vicki Boutin at the Crafty Beach Bash hosted by Crafter's Dream Retreat
Cheri, Courtney, and Christiana (the triple C's!) have been planning this event since the Crafty Fiesta last year and after much anticipation the scrappy weekend arrived, woohoo!
I took an early morning flight out of Denver and Pikes Peak was peeking out above the clouds, so cool! 
My scrappy buddy Shannon who works for United was on both my flights which made traveling so much more fun and not so lonely! I loved getting all the ins and outs of flying from someone in the know :)
We landed in hot and humid Houston lol and took a Lyft to Conroe. Well, first he tried to drop us off in a random neighborhood which was a bit scary... but we figured it out and made it to the Hyatt hotel. This area of Texas is called The Woodlands and I can see why! Lots of beautiful trees!
The view from my hotel room.
All set up and ready to go!
I found Vicki!! She's the best. We had a meet'n'greet the first night and took lots of pics with scrappy friends!
The rooms were opened so everyone could set up their stuff in preparation for classes.
The next day was Friday and that same day I got to announce my Adventurous collection so I wore this travel dress to match :)
In the classes we made 4 layouts and a mini album! If you missed out on the event, don't worry, you can purchase the Concentric Heart-Shaped Mini Album Class PDF HERE and the 4 Poppy & Pear Layouts Class PDF HERE.
Yummy food! Mexican for lunch, French toast for breakfast, BBQ for lunch, and a charcuterie board place for lunch the last day which was my favorite of them all. Soooo yummy I'd go back to Conroe just for that sandwich!
I was gifted this can of Dr. Pepper and it was delightful! Tastes like summer :)
Group photo time! I don't have the official ones yet but once I do I'll be sure to add them here.
There were about 180 crafters from all around the world who joined in the fun! 
The event was divided into two groups in two separate rooms so I taught two classes in one room the first day then taught the same two classes to the group in the other room the second day. A li'l switcheroo!
I love seeing how people adapt the projects and make them their own!
The projector screen and sound system are a must when teaching groups this large. Gotta love technology!
Love this.
Fun pics from the event!
Embracing my Monica hair haha.
Thank you so much to Cheri, Courtney, and Christiana for inviting me back to Texas to teach! Hope to do it all again soon!!
Check out all my upcoming in-person events HERE - this event was the first of many the rest of the year!

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