The One with Fox at 1 Year: In Videos

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today it's Fox in videos! One of my favorite pastimes is watching old family videos, so I'm trying to do the same for my little guy and record important, or even not important, things he does.

Fox's first video.
Fox likes hair in his face.
Foxy the red-toed baby.
Fox at three months.
Fox in the mirror.
Fox on the changing table at three months.
Fox's high-pitched squeak.
Blowing on Fox's face.
Fox with Uncle Eric and Aunt Tanya.
Fox rolling over.
Fox laughing really hard.
Fox with the black lung.
Fox laughing in the bath tub.
Fox sucking on his bottom lip as if it were a pacifier while napping.
Just being cute.
Fox blinking while clapping in his face.
Fox has a new dance and it's called the twist, he sticks his arms out and wriggles his wrists!
First teethbrushing.
Flapping around like a fish outta water.
Fox in his bouncer (my all-time (so far) favorite video of him!)
Laughing in the hotel in Hawaii.
Fox and Evelynd (but mostly Fox) crying.
Look at Fox go! (And I love the big sigh at the end.)
Fox "driving".
Fox having a tantrum.
Fox in the swing.
Fox trying to fall asleep.
Fox pushing his car.
Fox screaming.
Fox giving me a huge smooch on the lips.
Tomorrow it's Fox's 1st birthday!!
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