The One with a Paige Rage

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Warning - here comes a little Paige Rage:

Dear seemingly super nice (but now I know better) couple who was taking their stupid dog for a walk yesterday morning: you owe us $300 in emergency vet bills and pills. Cash, check, money order, Paypal, we'll take whatever. Cuz when your dog got loose and attacked my dog, he bit him under his belly, not once, but twice, and made him bleed. You seriously need to change your definition of "oh he just wants to play." That's not playing. That's vicious attacking. Control your dog and get a tighter leash.

Angry in South Pasadena

Okay. Rant over. Now we're off to Disneyland - which will make for a much happier post tomorrow :)

PS - Thanks for all your concern for Joey - he's doing okay, acting super weird and tired though. We're keeping our eyes on him. Hopefully he'll feel better and back to normal soon.
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