The One with My 27th Birthday!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Official 27th birthday photo:
My 27th birthday went something like this:
5:50am - Fox woke up. Happy birthday to me... :)
5:51am - Chris got Fox. Happy birthday to me, for real!
6:05am - The power went off. Happy birthday to me...
6:06am - The power flickered on and off. 
6:07am - The power flickered on and off and stayed off for reals. 
6:10am - I rolled out of bed, stressed and upset that I couldn't take a hot shower or use my sewing machine to work on a page that I wanted to finish this morning. 
6:13am - I started browsing the internet on my phone to find a phone # for Southern California Edison to see when we were going to get our power back. 
6:15am - I called the 800# only to have a lovely automated message blurt to me: "The number you have dialed can not be reached from your calling area." I have a Seattle phone number, but it was an 800 number I was trying to call. Frustrating! We tried calling from Chris's phone which is Utah based. Same message. Frustrating x 2!
6:20am - I flipped open Chris's laptop which he'd thankfully charged all night, turned my phone into a wireless hotspot, and figured I'd try calling through gmail so maybe it would recognize an in-state number. Then I found an alternate 800# and called it from my phone and reported the outage and the automated lady said there was a wide-spread outage in South Pasadena with no known restoration time. Bummer dude. 
6:22am - Chris suggested we say a little prayer that the power would come back on and he said with full faith, "It'll be back on by 7:30." Sure honey, sure... 
6:45am - I started cleaning the house - anything to distract me. I washed the mirrors, cleaned off my desk, wiped off the kitchen counters... Fox followed me around and put his greasy hands all over my freshly cleaned mirrors. Happens every time :)
7:00am - I debated whether or not to just take a cold shower cuz in my mind my day doesn't really start until I've had a shower. Instead I cleaned some more. 
7:10am - I asked Chris to text the Olson's to see if they had power and maybe we could go over there to take showers and get ready. He said no, that's weird... and the power will be back on by 7:30, just wait and see...
7:25am - As we're making the bed, Fox had a tantrum which resulted in a little cuddle session between me and him. 
7:35am - Chris walked in and says, "What the heck man, it's seven thir-BEEEEEP-ty!" That beeeep was the power turning back on. Miracle? Divine intervention? Either way, we laughed out loud so hard I cried. 
8:00am - Showered and dressed for the day, I'm a happy girl :)

Our plan for the day was to go to the beach, hit up Cafe Rio for lunch, and then relax. But first, I opened a couple'a prezzies! 
From my sweet sister, she's been on a vintage shopping kick lately and scored some majorly cute outfits for Baby Jane:
Aaaaaaand she made these hair bows! I love them! I hope Jane has hair :)

My co-worker at Scrapbook Trends, Tammy, sent me this digi-card which is just too cute to not to share:
My Grandpa, Uncle, and Dad all sent me birthday emails, each titled the exact same - punctuation and all:
Like father like sons.

And last but not least, we went on a little shopping spree at Old Navy after lunch and I got me a cute maxi skirt:

So, on with the day! We packed up our beach gear and drove to El Porto at Manhattan Beach. The usual spot. Fox fell asleep on the way there.
 Ocean ocean ocean!
 There were a bunch of peeps there. Mostly dental students. I <3 them all.
 Fox was a good boy and walked around from towel to towel exploring everyone's toys and snacks.
 This was Chris's very first time at the beach in a group setting like this. Round of applause :) He even played frisbee with the guys.
 Go babe!
 I got to see what it's gonna be like with another baby and held Kiley and Fox on my lap for about 20 minutes. I survived! Whew!

After the beach we went to heaven on earth - aka CAFE RIO! I love Fox's latest smile. I also love that this is the face he pulled when I put my camera in his face and said SMILE!
 My pork burrito cupcake.
 We took up half the restaurant and caused lots of people to stop and stare cuz of all our kids and preggo bellies - with two sets of twins, plus Fox and two other babies, and three preggo eggos, we are a site to behold!
 Here are the cupcakes that Chris made for me last night. His first time ever baking cupcakes :)
 Fox fell asleep on the way home too. Tired boy.
 After naps and some work, we went to the park and tried to get a few mommy/son pics. Didn't quite happen haha. 
 I had a great 27th birthday! Now I gotta look back and see if I accomplished everything on my 27 before 27 list. 
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