The One with Where'd My Ink Pad Go?

Friday, May 25, 2012

I was scrapbooking the other day and was rummaging through my stamping supplies. I went to the kitchen to get a drink of water and upon my return to the table I noticed my brown StazOn ink pad was missing. It was just right there, where the heck could it be?!?!? Not in the garbage can, not under my piles of paper, not amongst my mess...
Enter mischievous, thieving, Mr. Fox...
PS - He looks 22 years old in these pictures...
Someone had stolen my ink pad and tried to eat it! 
At first I thought it was just chocolate cuz I had given him some M&Ms earlier, but then I saw my ink pad on the floor, ink side up thank goodness! StazOn ink is known for being pretty much the most permanent ink out there - it's what you use to stamp on fabric and slick surfaces like vellum and transparencies - so I thought Fox was gonna be a mess for days! Luckily, after I snapped these priceless photos, a warm, damp cloth wiped it right off. 
All's well that end's well and now I have some cute photos and a story to scrap :)
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