The One with Even More Instagrams

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sorry I'm not more original with my posts lately - still trying to balance everything out! So it's Instagrams or nothing at all :)

I got my American Crafts Design Team box last week! HOORAY!  I've been going to town making projects left and right which I'll share as soon as I can :)
A little somethin' somethin' for the upcoming Signature Series: Amy Tan book!
Using the new Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic line for my upcoming spotlight on the American Crafts blog!
Using the new Amy Tangerine Ready Set Go line for my upcoming spotlight on the American Crafts blog!
I took time to stop and smell the roses. Actually, I was forced to smell them - they were so immensely potent! In a good way. I love the smell of roses.
 Jeggings: Old Navy - $6
Shirt: baby GAP - $16
Headband: Etsy - $8
Sleeping baby: Priceless 
 This little piggie went to market! 
 Fox's Buzz collection. I don't think he has enough Buzz paraphernalia... I even forgot to take a pic of his Buzz car! Hmmmm... what should Fox be for Halloween??? Haha. There's no question about it: BUZZ! I just ordered him a Buzz costume tonight (maybe in the future I'll get crafty and make him one, but not this year!). Thanks Nicole for the link!
 Poor Mr. Fox. He got a fever on Wednesday and then his mouth filled with sores last night so we took him to the doc today and he has Hand/Mouth/Foot. That should also include Butt. I remember it passed through Utah and Washington over the summer so it was only a matter of time before it got to us in California. He is soooo miserable :( Right in time for all of our family to get here for Jane's baby blessing on Sunday. Sigh. "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." I swear he is ALWAYS sick. Should we stop taking him to Nursery? I'm sure that's where he's getting all these runny noses and weird random viruses.
 I can't find toddler boy ties ANYWHERE! I do all my shopping online at baby GAP/Old Navy/Gymboree/The Children's Place, etc., and either I'm blind or they really don't make baby boy ties! So, Mother-In-Law to the rescue, we've been making our own ties all night gosh dang it! In your face retail stores!
With that, I bid you adieu. 
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