The One with Fox at 35 Weeks

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I got nuttin' better to blog about so I'm defaulting to the usual thing that occupies 100% of my thoughts - Fox :)

We went to the doctor today. We go every week from here on out until he comes. The doctor said if he were to be born tomorrow he'd be just fine and we'd be coming home with a baby. Wow! Ahhh!
I had her check to make sure he's still a boy, and he definitely is! Phew!
She forgot to take the ultrasound picture so I snatched is Fox's cute cranium (it doesn't look like anything to me!):
The text at the bottom of the pic says he's measuring at 36 weeks and due 10/12/10. Come on baby! Let's make it 10/10/10!!

Here I am at 35 weeks. Rotund.
I started at 120 pounds. Today I weigh 166.2 pounds. Whoa Nelly. Next time, I am soooo eating differently.

Fox's room is coming along slowly but surely!
Yesterday I hung up most of the frames I've collected. I bought two little orange ones today at Target to add to the mix. I'm going to add "earthquake putty" behind each frame to stabilize them. And I bought a little level to even them out cuz right now they're just sorta up there as quickly as possible. Then there's the matter of adding pictures...

Life is good.
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