The One with So Much Scrappy News!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My head is spinning from all the scrappy things going on lately!!!!

First, holy cow this is BIIIIG news!:
It's funny, I just started subscribing to Studio Calico kits and hoarding all their product cuz they're like the big thang in scrapbooking right now and then whatdoyaknow - AC and SC combine forces! It's my lucky day! Who should I start hoarding next... maybe AC will buy them too, haha.

Second - AC just purchased Crate Paper, too!
Go AC!!!!!

Third, I made the Scrapbook Circle Design Team for the term of November 2011 - April 2012! Woohoo!
Can't wait to get started and get to know these fab ladies better:

Fourth, Two Peas has a special A-Z stamping promotion starting on October 10th!
Now I've gotta bust out my stamping supplies and get to making the card that will be featured for American Crafts!

I know I know, enough with the scrappy stuff already, Paige!
Since next week is Fox's 1st birthday, starting on Tuesday the 11th and leading up to his party on the 15th, every day is going to be focused on him. Pictures, videos, favorite posts, all things Mr. Fox.
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