The One with Fox's Halloween Quilt

Sunday, October 5, 2014

I first "met" Lindsey on instagram (@thatswhatlindseymade) a few months ago and then out of all the places in the entire whole wide world, she moved just a few blocks away. What are the chances? The Army life is so small sometimes!
When she found out that Fox loves Halloween she made him his very own quilt - and in like a day I might add! We picked it up a few weeks ago and he instantly fell in love with his "carpet".
Thanks Lindsey for being so sweet and generous and kind and thoughtful!


  1. That is sooooooo awesome!!!! I want to learn how to make a quilt out of Brookie's old T-shirts!!

  2. The quilt and your two kiddos look fabulous!

  3. Such an awesome quilt, and the photos are so cute!!

  4. Pretty cool present for Fox!


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