The One with October 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

Like the banner says:
Wish I could claim this as my own house, but alas, it's Pottery Barn :)

This October was SO MUCH FUN! I'm hoping to use most of these photos in an "October Occasionally" mini album in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

We set up for Halloween in September, a tad early, but what can I say? I blame the PX (the army's version of Target) - they had Halloween stuff out at the beginning of September so we got some twinkle light strands and the kids wanted them up as soon as we got home, I just had to oblige :)

On October 14th Fox turned 4! We had our own little shindig on his actual birthday. 
And then on Saturday we had a party with a bunch of his friends. I recycled a lot of decorations from his 1st birthday party (that I guess I am now finally recovered from, enough to have another official party 3 years later!) 
Spooky spooky!

Foam boards I turned into headstones.
A betwitching Halloween garland from my mom's etsy shop - Tassel Love.
A LOT more kids came than I was planning on! It was a blast! Well, Fox cried the entire time, poor guy haha. "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!"
The kids pretty much opened the present they brought Fox, it was funny. 
Not really related to spooky things, but they happened in October: Fox got a Justin Bieber haircut and he colored all over himself with a red marker.

Janey trying on the babysitter's glasses. Nerd alert! :)
Thank you Pinterest for the abundance of crafty ideas. We spent a morning painting paper plates like candy corn.

First you paint the outer ring orange, an inner ring of yellow, and leave the middle white. 
Trim them in slices like a pizza and you've got candy corn!

One of these years I'll get crafty and actually make my kid's costumes. This year I got Fox a Thor costume from a friend and I bought Jane's Elsa dress from Bailey's Blossoms. Done and done and I think they look pretty darn cute :)

Why yes Jane is carrying around a car. She is SO much like Fox. She wants to do everything he does, say everything he says, and be exactly like him.

I couldn't narrow them down. Can ya blame me?! :)

Chris was gone this week at a dental conference down in Garmisch so I took the kids solo to the ward Trunk-or-Treat. We only stayed for a half hour cuz the kids were running in opposite directions! I had about three mild heart attacks because I kept losing one of them!

We didn't make it out to the pumpkin patch this year and the commissary ran out of pumpkins pretty early in October. I read on Facebook that the commissary down in Vilseck had some so I was planning to go get a few this past Monday. But then I read on Facebook that the Grafenwöhr commisarry got a shipment and I (and half of the people on the base!) were there right after they opened and snagged a few. Success!

Last night we had a blast carving pumpkins. The smell of pumpkin guts is my fave :)
Fox's smiley face drawing haha. Fox's face haha.

Fox, being the silly boy he is with a hand fetish, didn't even reach inside once to scoop out seeds. That's the best part! Maybe next year. Mine is on the left, Fox's is in the middle (he re-did his smiley face with big holes like we told him to) and Chris's is on the right. Jane got the shaft.
I love that Chris cut Fox's pumpkin exactly like he drew it!
Then tonight was the big night! We went next door first.

And then the other next door.
The one day a year it's actually nice to have our houses super duper close together! Because on Halloween, time = candy!
Fox has got this trick-or-treating business down pat.
Such a memorable October. The holidays are getting more and more fun as the kids get older and more into them!



  1. And our Berlin trip! It sure was a fun month!

  2. What a FUN month! I'm so glad you like Halloween and scary things and decorating, and trick or treating, and candy, and cute kids!

  3. Oh my goodness. I LOVE those candy corn pies! That is such a fun idea. Totally doing this next Halloween season :)

  4. Ok,

    1. Your decorations look like they came out of Pottery Barn too. ;)

    2. Love their costumes!!

    3. I remember going to Fox's first birthday party and being completely blown away by everything! Glad you have finally recovered, because Paige parties are the best parties!


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