The One with the Neues Palais in Potsdam, Germany

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Our last stop on our Berlin trip was to Potsdam, Germany to see the Neues Palais (New Palace). 
Featuring a lush park strewn with the escapist whimsies of Frederick the Great, Potsdam has long been Berlin's holiday retreat.
Frederick the Great put Prussia on the map with merciless military prowess, but he also had tender affection for the finer things in life: art, architecture, gardens, literature, and other distinguished pursuits. During his reign he built an impressive ensemble of palaces and other grand buildings around Sanssouci Park, with the two top palaces at either end.
The sprawling Sanssouci Park contains a variety of other palaces and royal buildings, many of which can be entered. Popular options include the Italian-style Orangerie (the last and largest palace in the park), the New Chambers (a royal guest house); the Chinese House, the Klausberg Belvedere and the Norman Tower, among others. It's like Germany's very own Versailles compound!

We only had time for one palace and since the Sanssouci Palace is closed on Mondays we went to the New Palace. Pretty in pink!

His super-Rococo Sanssouci Palace is supposedly dazzling while the New Palace was built to wow guests and disprove rumors that Prussia was running out of money after the costly Seven Years' War.

Walking around the grounds.
Lamp posts.

Across from the New Palace is the University of Potsdam.

Right side.
Left side.
How'd you like to go to college here? Wow! We saw many students frolicking amok.

Time to tour the New Palace! It has more than 200 rooms, built to host guests and dazzle visiting dignitaries.
We walked briskly through the Grotto Hall, the lavish Marble Hall used for fancy gatherings, eight suites of the Lower Princes' Apartments, the Gentlemen's Bedchamber, the Ladies' Bedchamber, the Upper Princes' Quarters, Wilhelm's bedroom, and more.

Loved all the Meissen porcelain and the bathtub.

Stairs for days.
When I grow up I want to be a princess and live in a palace. Just sayin'.

Trying to keep Fox and Jane from breaking anything. The guards always have their eyes glued on us.
Pink couch!

We had a lovely time touring the New Palace.
We hope to come back some day and tour the supposedly even more rococo-conuts Sanssouci Palace.
Then we loaded back up into the car and drove 3.5 hours home sweet home!


  1. How beautiful! LOVING that pink couch!!!!!

  2. Germany has so many beautiful buildings and places. You're so lucky to live there.

  3. So cool to see these photos, after just doing some of Madison's History on Prussia and the Seven Years War!!

  4. Great post! That was a very fun day! I had no idea that complex at Potsdam was so huge. We'll definitely have to go back!

  5. My BIL's mission was the Berlin mission. He served some in Potsdam. So cool!


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